Monday, 6 February 2023

WHO CONTROLS UK LABOUR PARTY? Who controls John Healey?



Unknown commented -

U.K. Labour hints at spending MORE than the Tory party on the military … 

“‘With a general election, there may be a change to Labour but there will be no change to Britain’s resolve in confronting Russia’s threats, pursuing Putin’s crimes and standing with Ukraine,’ [John Healey, the shadow defence secretary] is expected to say …

“The shadow minister’s statements appear to imply there will be an INCREASE in defence spending under Labour … 

“… Healey will add [that] Britain should also aim to become ‘Nato’s leading European nation’ … 

“Experts believe the war is likely to last throughout 2023 at least …”


In 2015 three Rotherham Labour MPs, Kevin BarronSarah Champion and John Healey, started a defamation legal action against UKIP MEP Jane Collins after Collins alleged in a UKIP conference speech that the three MPs knew about child exploitation in Rotherham but did not intervene.[6]

Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey declared, “It was Labour that established NATO and the nuclear deterrent. With Labour and Keir Starmer, the country will get the leadership to forge a new and powerful role for Britain in the world. We will insist on the UK’s say with the US as our most essential ally, stepping up Britain’s leadership in NATO.”

Shadow cabinet set for battle over Israel - The Jewish Chronicle

'Labour Party leader Keir Starmer participated wholeheartedly in a campaign by the media, Jewish leaders, and his own party’s HQ to merge and identify support for Palestinian rights with antisemitism.'


At 6 February 2023 at 22:59 , Blogger Unknown said...

People need to get over any delusions that they might have that the Labour Party any longer represents working UK people, especially white ones.

The Labour Party is utterly controlled by US-Israeli blackmailers and it is now a vehicle solely for the self-serving liars it chooses to be 'MPs'.

Any sane UK white person will never vote Labour again, nor will they vote Conservative.

There must be a new party representing non Jews and it will put the agenda of the Jews firmly to the bottom. Not discriminating against them, just doing nothing to support US-Israeli Zionist agendas. The party must be explicit that the Jews control Labour and Conservatives, so they have no need of any other party.


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