Sunday 26 February 2023


Unknown commented on "Global awakening: MASSIVE PROTESTS all over the world"

Robert Kennedy Jr: 138 companies involved in covid vaccine. “They’re all military contractors.”

“There were 138 companies that were involved in manufacturing and distributing the vaxxine. They’re all military contractors. The Pentagon and the National Security Agency ran the entire pandemic response.

“Pfizer and Moderna don’t really own those vaxxines. They slap their labels on ’em but it was a Pentagon project.”


At 26 February 2023 at 07:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uri Geller says he in talks with ‘Israel authorities’ to meet President Putin

“[The] British-Israeli illusionist said:

“‘In 1987 I was asked to attend US-Soviet nuclear talks in Geneva. My task: to telepathically convince the Soviets to agree to cut nuclear arms. Within a day they did.

“‘Now Putin is suspending the last remaining nuclear treaty … His decision must be reversed’.

“Geller [said:] … ‘I am planning to fly to Russia meet Putin … I am doing my best with Israel authorities’ …”

At 26 February 2023 at 08:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Josh Horus “[has performed] for the likes of Elton John, Rita Ora [reported lover of Carla Delevingne] and Robert Rinder …

[Photo: “Josh with Jonathon Ross at his 2022 Halloween Party”]

“… [It] was on [Simon Cowell’s] Britain's Got Talent that he first reached an audience of thousands …

“It was during the first covid lockdown that Josh’s following skyrocketed …

“‘… Then I thought I could do a show. I [performed] virtual shows internationally for some of the biggest companies in the world. Banks, [Marks & Spencer] …’

“The North-London magician started out when he was seven …

“Josh’s inspiration is [Uri Geller].

“‘He's a good friend of mine. We message on WhatsApp weekly and we tend to meet for coffee. He actually came to my Bar Mitzvah’ …

“Josh, whose real last name is Hennes, [tells] me how Geller gave him his stage name, Horus - after one of Ancient Egypt's [gods] …

“… Josh explains he is a mystifier, not magician.

“‘When you hear magician you refer to sleight of hand, tricks, misdirection … This isn't tricks. This is real magic …’”


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