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THAI PRINCESS / Past-Life Regression & Psychic Abilities


4 February 2023  Anonymous said...

Much-loved Princess Bha of Thailand - vaccinated and in coma

Reports of dramatic Thai actions against vaccine-promoters

'Pfizer Targeted After Thai Princess Falls Into Coma


"All over Thailand people are praying for Princess Bha

Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol (44 years old) – Princess Bha – on December 14 suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness.

As a teenager, Princess Bha attended Heathfield School, a prestigious girls’ school in England, before earning two diplomas at Cornell University.

The wide range of roles the princess took on included legal reform, the welfare of female prisoners, and prison reform."


"A few days after receiving her booster injection, the Thai princess “suddenly” collapsed. She remains in a coma. The Thai Royal Family was informed that the initial “bacterial infection” diagnosis was in fact always untrue; thus, from the very start there was a coordinated coverup by the BigPharma captured authorities.

The Thai king is finally making the connections that Pfizer’s mRNA “vaccine” is a slow kill bioweapon. He will be declaring the Pfizer contract null and void due to fraud, which will result in the stripping away of all immunity."


"She took 3/three of the Pfizer shots. She went into a coma a while back.

The Thai Royal family is very distressed. Investigations were ordered.

The distress of the Royals was increased by the reports coming back from their investigators. It seems that Pfizer, apparently, did NO safety studies on this shot. Thailand cancelling the covid contracts with Pfizer on the basis of fraud.

‘Something’, a really big ‘something’, is disturbing the Bangkok ‘underworld’. Rumor ... says that ‘assassins’ are being ‘recruited’ out of very deep holes in the martial arts world."


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Hopefully all contracts globally will be declared null and void due to fraud. That'll really cause Pfizer shares to tank and won't do much good for Larry Fink at Blackrock either....

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“Vanessa Feltz has revealed she has split from her fiance Ben Ofoedu … The couple have been together for 16 years …”

In 2008, Ben Ofoedu disclosed that he and Vanessa Feltz had separate bedrooms, describing it is one of the “secrets” of their successful union.

In February 2014, Ofoedu and Feltz together attended G-A-Y Club Night at Heaven in London.

Last year, Ofoedu played at Blackpool Gay Pride.

Before their separation happened or was announced, Vanessa Feltz told The Times last month:

“We come from completely different backgrounds: I’m Jewish, he’s Pentecostal Christian … He has been subsumed into one bar mitzvah and circumcision after another … He isn’t a saint — the geniality is often oiled with alcohol …”

Separately, Vanessa Feltz recently referred to her close friendship with Dame Esther Rantzen, whom she said she has known for “30-35” years.

In February 2016, an unknown person, going only by ‘Brian’ (which of course may be a pseudonym) posted an allegation on a blog which is now defunct.

‘Brian’ wrote:

“I can totally back up what [alleged abuse victim] Ben Fellows says as I knew a man who said identical things a while back.

“David Lambert who now runs a gay massage clinic, said he was lent out and abused including at Esther Rantzen’s party, where along with Vanessa Feltz, she held pervert parties, called pink ballets.”

No evidence for the allegation was provided by ‘Brian’, nor the alleged dates and locations and other persons present, nor any details of what allegedly took place at these alleged “parties” (if indeed they occurred).

Even if Vanessa Feltz and Esther Rantzen did attend parties at which a gay youth called “David Lambert” was present and abused, there was no evidence presented that either Feltz or Rantzen *themselves* behaved improperly, or that either of them were aware of anyone else doing so.

It is to be hoped that ‘Brian’ has contacted police if he believes that any laws were broken.

At 4 February 2023 at 23:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘David Lambert’ writes:

“I am producing a book called 'If I Had My Life To Live Over' and wonder if readers might be interested in contributing to it …

“Esther Rantzen, Childline's chairman, has kindly offered to write a forward for the book …

“DAVID LAMBERT, Coombe Barton, Blackawton, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7AN.”

No idea if this is the same ‘David Lambert’ who was allegedly abused as a youth at parties attended by VIPs… or if this is a different ‘David Lambert’… or if the alleged ‘pervert parties’ and/or ‘David’s’ presence at them never happened.

At 4 February 2023 at 23:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Vanessa Feltz has given fans a look inside her incredible Gothic-style home … previously owned by [CHARLES SAATCHI] …”

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