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“How much of Shell’s record US $40 billion was due to the Ukraine war and freezing Russia out of the market?

“If you apply the ‘excess deaths’ methodology … we get a figure of about $25 billion ‘excess profit’ …

“If we simply remove Shell’s 2020 accounts, with their US $20 billion covid loss, from the equation as exceptional, we still have a figure of US $15 billion excess profit, arising largely from the war in Ukraine …

“Isn’t it good to know that all those people have not died or been maimed in vain? …

“Shell of course are not alone. We will see something similar from all the energy companies, including those that are billing you massive amounts to heat your home …

Arms manufacturers are also coining it. To December, investors in merchants of death BAE had seen an increase in value of their investment by 63% in twelve months. 

Now everybody with a finger in the pie is clamouring to send more tanks and planes to the Ukraine. Money, money, money.

“The story is no different at Lockheed Martin etc …

“Every world event – Covid, the war in Ukraine – is manipulated by states to increase inequality …”


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“Grammy winner Sam Smith, 30, was slammed by various Twitter users on Sunday for their ‘satanic’ awards show performance which was followed by an ad for Pfizer …

“Smith, alongside Kim Petras, performed their chart-topping song ‘Unholy’ … which had both singers and their backup dancers clad in blood-red devil-esque costumes … [Smith] wore a top hat with horns …

“The duo’s performance was immediately followed by a sponsorship ad from Pfizer …”



At 7 February 2023 at 21:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

British oil major BP has reported record high annual profits in 2022, more than doubling its earnings amid soaring energy prices, the company announced on Tuesday.

we had the lowest production cost in 16 years,

It seems that natural gas has never been cheaper to get out of the ground. If that is the case, which criminals are manipulating the extortionate gas and energy prices to consumers ?

BP is richer because you’re poorer,” Jonathan Noronha-Gant, from advocacy group Global Witness, told CNBC


At 7 February 2023 at 23:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The ban on Russian media in Europe is a defense of freedom of speech."— Joseph Borel

Borell also said that the European Union will continue to support the opposition (anti-Kremlin and anti-Russian) media in Russia, as they are the defenders of human rights and civil society.


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