Tuesday 7 February 2023

Israel's Rabbinical Courts / SOROS / NETANYAHU

'They Want to Set Women Back 500 Years': Israel's Rabbinical Courts Now Set to Enjoy 'Horrifying' Power

'The coalition agreement PM Netanyahu signed with ultra-Orthodox party Shas promises to broaden the reach of Israel’s rabbinical courts far beyond family law – and grant them a status equal to that of civil courts.'

Haaretz - 


Netanyahu and Soros side-by-side:


Netanyahu has been accused of receiving expensive gifts from billionaires and then taking action on their behalf.

The Times of Israel - The corruption scandals..

Anonymous alleges :

Intra-Jewish divisions are escalating strongly, with the increasingly-religious Zionist-nationalist Jews linked to Netanyahu, much more dominant inside Israel, and much more in open conflict with the globalist Jews linked to Soros. 

This is playing out with some furour on Israel's streets.

Approximately, there are:

'Left-wing' Jews, Soros-linked, typical American Jews who (ALLEGEDLY) promote:
- mass immigration, open borders
- globalist instead of nationalist

- unconcern about religious observance
- aggressive LGBT promotion
- eclipse of traditonal family

'Right-wing' Jews, Netanyahu-linked, typical Sephardic or Muslim country Jews or Russosphere Jews who promote, even for gentiles:

- anti-immigration is ok
- nationalist instead of globalist

- religious observance is good
- limiting LGBT is ok
- preserving traditional family is ok

Unknown alleges -

'A lot of Westerners and especially Americans, don't even know these right-wing Jews exist. They see Jews on TV always promoting migration, LGBT etc ... and don't realise that there is another big class of Jews who are traditionalists, and who think it is wrong for Jews to try to transform other societies along anti-traditional lines.

'Israel was founded and long dominated by left-wing, non-religious Jews. But now that conservative Jews had so many children, and so many conservative Russian-Jew immigrants arrived, the religious Jews are now taking control in Israel itself. Netanyahu rode this trend superbly, right back into power.

'The struggle between globalists and nationalists is partly about how Jews should live inside Israel. But also, the increasing feeling of many traditional Jews, is that left-wing Jews of the USA, Britain, and Western Europe, are risking new pogroms or even a new holocaust, by their initiatives undermining older Western culture.

'This is why there is such a huge bond between Netanyahu and various right-wing European figures like Hungary's traditionalist Orbán ... a coalition with hugely opposite views from Jewish-American elites around Joe Biden. And there is traditionalist Putin, and LGBT promoter Zelensky. And so on.

'This conflict is getting so severe even Chabad can't quite manage to balance the two sides, tho they try. But as religious Jews, Chabad's ultimate home is also on the Right.

Here is a 74 second video of a conservative rabbi, ferociously denouncing the leftist Soros-type Jews of the West. (By 'erev rav' Jews he means they are 'incomplete' or 'mixed' Jews.)

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi: “Who is Controlling America? Those Liberal, Lefty, Erev rav jews who Destroyed the World”

Unknown commented -

Netanyahu is working to change the Israeli Constitution for his populist base of conservative religious voters, against the Soros leftists. 

As right-wing but anti-corruption Jew Barry Chamish (1952-2016) recounted:


'The previous more democratic (for Jews) form of Israeli political life, was slyly highjacked in the 1990s through constitutional machinations of Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak - the one who was photographed entering the home of Jeffrey Epstein. DailyMail screenshot, Barak entering Epstein house when Epstein girls were there, from Israeli site ynet:


Through Barak's legal trickery, most all power over domestic life in Israel, was handed over in the 1990s to self-perpetuating leftist Israel Supreme Court judges esconced in the Rothschild-funded, illuminati-themed Supreme Court building. 

They are able to throw out and void actions of the Israeli Knesset parliament, and much of what the prime minister does. Netanyahu wants to end this leftist-judge control in Israel, and give more power back to the Knesset parliament and the executive. 

The fierce support of conservative-religious Jews, now demographically dominant, who want to 'take back' Israel, suggests Netanyahu will eventually win. 

Bizarrely, no less than Emmanuel Macron, interfering in Israel's internal affairs on behalf of Rothschild, Soros, etc., warned Netanyahu to NOT do this, claiming that putting any leash on leftist judges, and giving power back to Israel's parliament, was a 'departure from democracy' (!)


Soros has been mildly pro-Palestinian but never achieved much for them. 

One wishes that - like right-wing USA Nixon going to China - a right-wing religious Israel might suddenly see what heaven demands regarding its Palestinian neighbours.


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Good to see Israel pushing for misogynistic justice systems. It will make it so much easier for them to influence UK and US lawmakers, eh?

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