Thursday 23 February 2023



'Dear Haaretz reader,

'Despite the hopes – and votes – of nearly half of Israel's electorate, Benjamin Netanyahu won Israel's last election and, since taking office as prime minister, he has spun into action together with his far-right partners, to implement a swathe of radical policies that threaten to change the nature of Israel's democracy, perhaps irrevocably.

'Israel's newly empowered right wing, discarding its liberal right heritage, has swung towards nationalism, illiberalism and authoritarianism. 

We now have a serving prime minister who is simultaneously the subject of an ongoing criminal trial, and hoping to evade justice. 

We have a government pushing to undermine the rule of law in Israel, to end the separation of powers, the independence of the courts and judges, and to crush freedom of expression.'


At 23 February 2023 at 08:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soros-agenda newspaper Haaretz, is quite unfair in the attacks on Netanyahu, despite his many flaws.

Since the 1990s Israel has been domestically a dictatorship of Soros-tied judges in the Rothschild-financed, illuminati-themed Supreme Court Building. Ehud Barak shoved through changes that made Israeli judges - who appoint their own successors - supreme over Israel's Knesset Parliament and government.

This is the Soros model for the world - rule by judges especially, who over-rule whatever people voted for. USA is now struggling with this to the point of leading US politicians now calling for 'national divorce', US break-up into pieces.

Under rule by judges, citizens are helpless because 'it is the law' according to a black-robed cabal who are, by nature, tied to oligarchy. This is modern dictatorship - 'NO APPEAL' against judges, except other judges in a corrupt circle.

Netanyahu wants to restore the balance back to Parliament and (Jewish) voters - but this is what Soros forces hate in any country ... a Parliament that can with a super-majority of 2/3, over-rule judges. That is actually better, more democratic.

Propaganda for judge-run dictatorship, uses those phrases of Haaretz here .... 'rule of law ... independence of judges'. It is not 'rule of law' in fact, just 'rule by (possibly bent) lawyers and judges'.

What is needed, more realistically, is a delicate balancing operation, with constant vigilance by free media ... there is no simple fix 'on paper' ... you need judges to sometimes protect human rights ... but you also need to be able to rein in judges when they get out of control for oligarch agendas against citizens.


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