Saturday 4 February 2023

CRAIG MURRAY - Propaganda

Unknown commented -

The power of the BBC’s incessant ‘Them and Us’ Propaganda

“Of course we know we live in an age of wall to wall propaganda. Of course we know that the BBC is an integral part of it. 

"The really shocking thing about propaganda – as true of today’s BBC as it was of Goebbels – is that being massively unsubtle and obvious appears to magnify rather than diminish its power to sway public opinion.

“The lesson of this current article is that it is not necessary to invent facts for propaganda. A completely false narrative can be built by extreme selectivity of what facts you amplify, and what facts you bury …”

Propaganda and Belief

'The BBC gives blanket coverage to a junior Russian officer, but gave almost none to New Zealand’s Operation Burnham, in which the Special Air Service killed a child, tortured an opponent and handed him over to further torture, and then systematically lied and covered up – all of which an official inquiry confirmed happened but declared “legal”.'


At 5 February 2023 at 04:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Craig is gaslighting, he pushed the covid narrative, lockdowns, was pro vaccine, shilled for the ukraine conflict and still defends the 911 hoax.


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