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Middle Ages - Jews being burnt at the stake.

Antisemitism does exist.


'Notable instances of persecution include the Rhineland massacres preceding the First Crusade in 1096, the Edict of Expulsion from England in 1290, the 1348–1351 persecution of Jews during the Black Death, the massacres of Spanish Jews in 1391, the persecutions of the Spanish Inquisition, the expulsion from Spain in 1492, the Cossack massacres in Ukraine from 1648 to 1657, various anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire between 1821 and 1906...'

'John Earnest'

The Poway synagogue shooting occurred on April 27, 2019, at Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, California, United States,[1][2] a city approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of San Diego.

John Timothy Earnest, reportedly, fatally shot one woman and injured three other persons, including the synagogue's rabbi.[5][6]


John Earnest, the alleged San Diego Synagogue attacker.

John Earnest "was a friend to many JEWISH students."

This is according to John Earnest's classmate Owen Cruise.

Anders Breivik, an 'angeslic' Christian.

Anders Breivik, in 2011, is alleged to have carried out the terror attack in Norway.

Mathieu, Alexandre and their father Raymond Bissonnette.

Alexandre Bissonnette allegedly killed six people at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center.

The security services create the alleged ALT-RIGHT KILLERS?

Or, are these kids evil?

There are 'extremists' on both sides?

John Earnest, son of  Lisa Newberg.

John Earnest, or his Mossad handler, or his body double, wrote in the John Earnest manifesto:

"Cowards so shrilly screech that Brenton Tarrant and Robert Bowers were Mossad false flag operations.

"They can't fathom that there are brave White men."

Brenton Tarrant was reportedly involved in the NEW ZEALAND MOSQUES ATTACK.

Robert Bowers was reportedly involved in the PITTSBURGH SYNAGOGUE 'FALSE FLAG'

John Earnest is the alleged attacker of the synagogue in San Diego county.

John Earnest's mother is Lisa Christine Newberg, who has Jewish origins.

John Earnest.

Owen Cruise, 20, who saw Earnest every day during senior year at Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego, says:

"He always seemed like a nice guy ... He didn't seem like the type of person who would go off the deep end."

John Earnest, San Diego synagogue shooting suspect, was a nursing ...

Above - "Hannah Kaye hugs her father, Howard Kaye, while her slain mother, Lori Gilbert Kaye, was laid to rest."

Comment from Glen -

"Survivors walk out of a hospital before the blood on their wounds is dry to be interviewed by a drooling press...

"The .223 is a devastating round and causes massive tissue damage in even a flesh wound. 

"The .223 bullet from an AR-15 rifle leaves the muzzle at three times the speed of a handgun bullet. 

That means it has plenty of energy to "distribute" inside the body upon collision.

'Almog Peretz was shot in the leg.' Almog Peretz in his hosptial bed in California. I had to get my nieces out

"The .223 bullett can disintegrate three inches of leg bone, turning it to 'dust' according to Donald Jenkins, a trauma surgeon at the University of Texas Health Science Center. 

"AR-15 bullets can turn a bone to dust or liver into jello and cause damage around the entry and exit wounds."

Noya Dahan, 8, on the shoulders of her father, Israel Dahan, at a vigil held for victims of the Chabad of Poway synagogue shooting, Sunday, April 28, 2019, in Poway, San Diego, Calif.

Noya Dahan was hit in the synagogue attack.

Do some people believe in False Flags?

An alleged anti-Semitic attack on a kosher Italian-style café in Winnipeg, Canada was staged by the owners of the restaurant, police now say.

Cellphones seized from doctors at hospital where San Diego shooting victims were transported to ‘prevent spread of disinformation’

The parents of John T Earnest

John T Earnest is the alleged attacker of the synagogue in San Diego county.

John T Earnest's mother is Lisa Christine Newberg, who has Jewish origins.

Above, we see Noya Dahan, 'after she was injured in the face by shrapnel at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego county, in Southern California, on 27 April 2019'.

Can we believe the official story?
    John T. Earnest
    "A gunman identified as 19-year-old John T. Earnest allegedly entered the Poway synagogue.

    "The gunman opened fire with an AR-15 style rifle killing 60-year-old Lori Gilbert-Kaye, who jumped in front of the rabbi to protect him.[8][9]

    "An off-duty United States Border Patrol officer, who was working as a security guard at the synagogue, opened fire as the suspect escaped and hit his car multiple times, but the suspect fled uninjured.[11][10]

    "Shortly thereafter, Earnest phoned 911 and reported the shooting.[4] 
    "He was apprehended approximately 2 mi (3.2 km) from the synagogue by a San Diego police officer responding to the shooting. Earnest jumped out of the car with his hands up and was taken into custody without incident." [11]

The San Diego attack occurred exactly six months after the PITTSBURGH SYNAGOGUE 'FALSE FLAG'

Lori Gilbert-Kaye
    Brabantian comments on "the rather fake-sounding 'shooter manifesto' online".
An open letter. My name is John Earnest

"The manifesto author continues the same joke as in the 'Brenton Tarrant' manifesto, of tying the 'white identity terrorists' to one of the world's most popular YouTubers, the Swedish video game commenter PewDiePie with tens of millions of followers:
    « I did not do this alone. I had the help of a man named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He was kind enough to plan and fund this whole operation - the sly bastard. Apparently, Pewdiepie hates Jews as much as Pajeets. Who would’ve known? »

    "And the author makes a pre-emptive move to dismiss criticism of possible fakery here:

    « ... remember Robert Bowers, remember Brenton Tarrant ... and filter the schizos who will inevitably call this a ‘false flag’ ... »

    The purpose of the manisfesto is to imply that terrorists are anti-semitic and anti-Trump.
    "The 'manifesto author', also claims to be the arsonist in a fire the previous month on 24 March at the nearby Dar-ul-Arqam mosque - Islamic Center of Escondido, California:

    "Curious that the USA off-duty Border Patrol policeman, who is said to have been in the synagogue with his gun, shooting back and thus saving many Jewish lives, did not hit the assailant with his gunfire.

    "It is claimed that after the assailant fled the synagogue, he telephoned the police to give his own location along Interstate motorway 15, admitting that he was 'involved in the shooting' ... As police came near, 'John T. Earnest' then 'pulled over and jumped out of his vehicle with his hands up, surrendering to authorities'".

    Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein

    Tony Ryals comments:

    "The woman Chabad Lubavitcher alleged to have died is also alleged to have died because she put herself between the rabbi and the shooter.
    "And the good rabbi simply continues his sermon with her dead or dying on the floor ? 
    "How cold can you get ? Must have been a good sermon."

    Rabbi wounded in synagogue shooting finished sermon .

    Chabad properties?
    "This candid question was presented to Meir Dagan, the former director of the national intelligence agency of Israel.
    "His reply: 'the Chabad organization provides spiritual assistance at Mossad’s Central Command in Tel Aviv.

    "'The Chabad House in Minsk became my home,' said Dagan.
    "The Knesset acknowledged that the Houses of Chabad are part of its intelligence gathering machine abroad; providing Mossad with safe-houses in foreign lands."

      San Diego Synagogue False Flag - YouTube .


At 1 February 2023 at 01:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible for the US to have an even worse even more evil president imposed upon it ?

Nikki Haley is expected to officially announce her intention to run for president in 2024 at an event with supporters later this month. The former US Ambassador to the UN had long been teasing a potential campaign for the Republican nomination despite having previously stated she would not run against former boss Donald Trump. Haley is tipped to make her official announcement in Charleston on February 15.


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