Thursday 5 January 2023


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Leaked files reveal the Anomaly 6 spy firm is providing intelligence to the British military through a cut-out involved in the Kerch Bridge bombing and other acts of dangerous sabotage in the Ukraine conflict.

On December 6th, The Grayzone revealed how British military and intelligence agencies were deploying technology created by shadowy private intelligence firm Anomaly 6 to illegally spy on citizens across the globe.

The company’s technology effectively transforms every individual on Earth into a potential target for surveillance and/or asset recruitment by monitoring the movements of their smartphone.

Anomaly 6 embeds tracking software in popular applications, then slices through layers of theoretically anonymous data to uncover a wealth of sensitive information about a device’s owner.

Anomaly 6’s services are provided to Britain’s soldiers and spies through Prevail Partners, a private military company which The Grayzone has exposed as Whitehall’s arm’s-length cutout for prosecuting its proxy war in Ukraine. 

The firm has constructed a secret partisan terror army on Kiev’s behalf, and helped plan the Kerch Bridge bombing by Ukraine’s services.

Now, the Grayzone can reveal that Prevail is exploiting Anomaly 6 to provide “decision-enabling intelligence to the UK’s defence and security architecture.”

Files anonymously leaked to this outlet reveal that Britain’s Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) has used Anomaly 6’s technology to monitor and track the movements of Russian military and intelligence personnel in real-time, on both a group and individual basis. Through aggressive harvesting of data, the technology has enabled the planning of military offensives and artillery attacks, assassinations, asset recruitment, and other measures.

The leaked files raise serious questions about whether Anomaly 6’s technology has been used throughout the Ukraine conflict in an array of targeted operations against specific individuals and infrastructure. If it has, Britain bears ultimate responsibility for the outcome of these disturbing actions, which in some cases amount to crimes against humanity.


At 5 January 2023 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATIONS STAFF, January 4. /TASS/. The use of personal phones by personnel within the enemy armament reach was the main cause of the tragedy in Makeyevka, where 89 Russian servicemen died, First Deputy Head of the Main Military-Political Department of the Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Sergey Sevryukov told reporters.

"It has already become obvious at present that the main cause of the occurrence was activation and large-scale use, contrary to the ban, of personal phones by personnel within the reach of enemy’s destruction means. This factor enabled the enemy to take the bearing and determine coordinates of servicemen location to deliver a missile strike. Required measures are being taken at present to exclude such tragic incidents in the future," the General said.

At 5 January 2023 at 04:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are WEF Hunt & WEF Sunak plotting to hand UK state pension funds to Zelensky and the arms industry ?


In what are being described as ‘controlled leaks’ by Whiteminster, it is alleged that Jeremy Hunt and senior Treasury officials are in ‘the later stages’ of drawing up sweeping reforms to UK State Pension provision.

There is clearly a degree of self-fulfilling prophecy in all of this, but I can reveal with some certainty that the outline Pension plans are as follows:

*Some 25% of OAP pensions receivers will have their payments cancelled in total on the grounds that ‘They have enough already, and don’t need it’

*A staggering cut of 50% for further citizens who have personal private pensions beyond the State system

*A rise in the pension receipt age for all to 70, this being a necessity given “£31.8 billion higher than expected government expenditure on measures to control Covid19”

At 5 January 2023 at 04:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The UK government are criminals

Under threat and duress we were forced to pay taxes and so called National Insurance.

The latter we were told to fund the NHS and pensions.

For men the pension was due to be paid out at the age of 65.

Criminal government changed this a few years ago to 67 without consultation or agreement.

A clear breach of contract - A criminal act.

They have stolen the money and call money that should have been set aside to pay future pensions "an unfunded liability".

As a result criminal government has created a motive to kill off old people to avoid paying pensions cover for their fraud.

At 5 January 2023 at 06:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latina actress Jenna Ortega and her statement supporting Palestinians, as anti-Israel criticism becomes more mainstream

Jenna Ortega - her parents of Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry - and the star of the super-popular Netflix series 'Wednesday' based on the Addams Family character -

Has incited both global praise and controversy for her recent statements supporting Palestinians amongst others in the world, and for linking to a 'Decolonise Palestine' website.

Jenna Ortega is so popular - and amidst a changing environment after the attacks on Ye (Kanye West) - that tho Ortega has had some criticism from Jewish groups and media, there has been hesitancy to move with full force against her.

A pro-Jenna-Ortega page, with a classic 'Wednesday' photo of her:
'Wednesday's Jenna Ortega is not afraid to show solidarity to Palestine, Syria, Kashmir & Iraq, Yemen & Ukraine'

Times of Israel:
'Jenna Ortega becomes Hamas poster child, Jewish organisations silent'

Her famous Wednesday Addams nightclub dance scene, 33 million views:


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