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At 21 January 2023 at 10:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scottish Gender Threat: Kids as Young as 7 will be Asked they Identify as Transgender or Non-Binary
January 21, 2023 FABIO G.C. CARISIO

On the cover image Green Scottish Parliament member Maggie Chapman

Parents and conservatives in Scotland are outraged after the city council of Aberdeen launched what has been branded a “disgraceful” survey in 59 schools that asks pupils about their gender identity. The council is run by a coalition of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Liberal Democrats.

According to the Scottish Daily Mail, the survey, which is purported to be part of a sex and wellbeing study, asks schoolchildren to identify as “male, female, non-binary, transgender or other” and requires students to tick an answer before being allowed to proceed to the next page.

Critics of the survey have called it a blatant attempt to “indoctrinate” young children who do not know “if they want chicken nuggets or fish fingers for dinner.”


Gospa News editorial staff 24 Settembre 2019

At 21 January 2023 at 11:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

79 children remain missing and unaccounted for after being kidnapped in Brighton by human trafficking gangs as U.K. Home Office did nothing

“Dozens of asylum-seeking children have been kidnapped by gangs from a Brighton hotel run by the Home Office in a pattern apparently being repeated across the south coast …

“‘Children are literally … being taken from the street by traffickers’ …

“[The] Home Office was warned repeatedly by police that the [asylum-seeking children] … would be targeted by criminal networks.

“About 600 unaccompanied children have passed through [a Brighton hotel run by the Home Office] in the past 18 months … 79 remain unaccounted for …

“The [whistleblower] also described witnessing children being in effect trafficked from a similar hotel run by the Home Office in Hythe, Kent …

“Data revealed in October showed 222 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children were missing from hotels run by the Home Office …”

At 21 January 2023 at 11:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicholas van HOOGSTRATEN, the U.K. Home Office, and scores of missing children in Brighton and Hove

“‘The Albanian and Eritrean gangs pick them up in their BMWs and Audis and then they just vanish [a whistleblower said] …

“‘[The U.K. Home Office] have been aware of this right from the start. They’re running the hotels; their staff are actually reporting the children missing’ …

“[Insiders] say not enough is done to find the disappeared children. A Brighton councillor described the response as child neglect on an ‘industrial scale’ …

“In hotels run by Kent county council … 282 [unaccompanied asylum seeking children] disappeared in the six months from April. Seventy remained missing …

“[The Home Office made a] separate decision to involve a company linked to one of the UK’s most notorious slum landlords to help house the children [in the Hove area of Brighton].

“According to the Land Registry, the freehold of the Hove [Brighton] hotel is owned by a company that involves family members of the infamous NICHOLAS VAN HOOGSTRATEN …

“Safeguarding specialists warned from the start that placing unaccompanied children in hotels would render them at risk of sexual abuse, kidnapping or exploitation by gangs …

“Tensions [are] rising in Brighton and Hove.

“Local Labour councillor Bella Sankey describes the tally of disappeared as ‘an unprecedented child safeguarding catastrophe’ …”

At 21 January 2023 at 12:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Alun Roberts recalls how Nicholas van HOOGSTRATEN was linked via a network of companies to 11 Palmeira Avenue in the Hove district of Brighton.

At this address, youths from the Bryn Alyn homes in North Wales run by John Allen were killed in a ‘mysterious’ fire.

Alun Roberts further recalls how Nos. 47-49 Palmeira Avenue was long in the ownership of a private incorporated company with directors including Sir Tim Sainsbury, the former president of Conservative Friends of Israel and business partner of David Bowie (‘21 Publishing’).

“Tim's daughter Camilla [was] married to Esther Rantzen's close friend and former researcher on 'That's Life', Shaun Woodward.” Shaun and Camilla Woodward/Sainsbury appear in the Black Book of infamous pedophile child traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Alun Roberts additionally recalls that at No. 43 Palmeira Avenue sits the Brighton and Hove Reform Synagogue, “where the incumbent rabbi Andrea Zanardo was inducted by rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, daughter of Greville of Braunstone.”

At one time Greville Janner was, among many other things, a member of the Israel, Britain and Commonwealth Association (IBCA).

On November 11-13, 2001 — two months after 9/11 — Jeffrey Epstein’s close associate Peter Mandelson arrived in Israel to present a speech to The Israel, Britain and Commonwealth Association (IBCA).

Other IBCA members have included Lord Jacob Rothschild; Shirley Porter – whose Westminster City Council was the ultimate landlord of the Dolphin Square apartment complex reportedly linked to Bryn Alyn children’s homes and John Allen; Lord Levy, who allegedly bankrolled Tony Blair and New Labour for Mossad; Daniel Taub – Israel's former ambassador to the UK who reportedly "had sexual liaisons with minors"; and Matthew Gould – who from 1994-1997 worked on child sex trafficking rings in Manila as an employee of the British Foreign Office.

At 21 January 2023 at 13:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicholas van Hoogstraten

“Van Hoogstraten has virtually set up his own mafia organisation in East Sussex as well as having extensive con­tacts with organised crime syndicates in parts of LONDON.

“In addition he has properties and ‘business’ deals in PORTSMOUTH (where he owns a night club) …

“[He] has an estate in the Bahamas, which he uses as a base to launder funds … It is belieyed that through this estate he acts as a major conduit of the funds to the Nazi organisations in Britain …

“[We] are investigating a claim that van Hoogstraten owns properties let out as CENTRES OF PROSTITUTION, managed by Nazi pimps …

“Van Hoogstraten’s office in Sussex is at 21 Second Avenue, Hove … from which he runs around three hundred properties in the Brighton and Hove areas alone (and a similar number in London).”

At 21 January 2023 at 15:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince Andrew is innocent?


“On one occasion a black Bentley appeared at Queen Victoria School with Prince Andrew inside. Nobody seemed to be aware he was visiting and there was no pomp and ceremony. The pupils around were shooed away from trying to see who it was.” “Queen Victoria School is linked to Thomas Hamilton who killed 16 pupils in the Dunblane Primary attack in 1996. Glen Harrison, a former housemaster, claimed pupils were abused by a paedophile ring at the school in the 1980s and 1990s.” “Harrison and his wife refused to sit alongside Prince Andrew at a school dinner on June 19, 1991”

At 21 January 2023 at 15:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“New photos show Harvey Weinstein posing with late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at a royal party thrown by Prince Andrew.”

At 21 January 2023 at 15:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Prince Andrew’s relationship with Greville Janner raises as many questions as that of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.”

At 21 January 2023 at 15:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Prince Andrew attended Lakefield College School when the late Father Keith Gleed was chaplain. They remained friends thereafter, and Gleed attended the prince's 21st birthday and his wedding to Sarah Ferguson. During Gleed's six-year tenure at LCS, he sexually abused at least five boys.”

At 21 January 2023 at 15:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Sir Jimmy Savile was a firm favourite with Prince Andrew and his former wife Sarah Ferguson"

At 21 January 2023 at 15:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Peter Nygard invited Prince Andrew and ex Sarah Ferguson to his luxurious estate in the Bahamas in 2000. He and the prince were pictured together. “

At 21 January 2023 at 15:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“French investigators may seek to question Prince Andrew about his links with Jean-Luc Brunel, who faces charges of raping minors in connection with Jeffrey Epstein."

At 21 January 2023 at 16:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Prince Andrew enjoyed a boys' night out with none other than Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey." “Kevin Spacey was spotted at Cecconi's, where he had dinner with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew." “Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew were pictured together at a fundraising event for the Old Vic in 2003." “Kevin Spacey was given a VIP tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew.”

Daily Telegraph, October 2 2002

At 21 January 2023 at 16:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Derek Laud joined Prince Andrew and a sailor pal at the royal home in Dorset”

At 21 January 2023 at 16:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Accused of child sex abuse, Richard McDonald, a friend of Prince Andrew, is being held in a Swiss remand prison.”'s+scandal+school.-a062017534

At 21 January 2023 at 16:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Paul Page from Scotland Yard's SO14 Royal Protection Command referred to a series of alleged security breaches at Buckingham Palace. The Duke of York was said to have entertained Ghislaine Maxwell there.”

At 21 January 2023 at 16:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“Lynn Forester de Rothschild introduced Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein.” “Hers was one of the names on Epstein's private-jet log.” “In 1997 Lynn bought the Manhattan townhouse she then sold to Epstein in 2000 for a fraction of its assessed valued; they installed Ghislaine Maxwell at this property until 2016.”

At 21 January 2023 at 16:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the odds of one royal prince accidentally, mistakenly, coincidentally, or ‘innocently’, engaging in significant friendships with Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jean-Luc Brunel, Kevin Spacey, Peter Nygard, Harvey Weinstein, Lord Greville Janner, Father Keith Gleed, and Derek Laud — not to mention alleged fixers Petie Mandelson and Lady de Rothschild?

That’s a dozen ‘errors of judgment’ more than most of us make.

Those of us whose ‘security is promoted’ by MI5/MI6, GCHQ, SO14, and the Five Eyes ‘information sharing network’ might be expected to choose better friends. Unless….

At 21 January 2023 at 17:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a dramatic move that will enrage his critics, Prince Andrew consults his lawyers in the hope of ending his royal exile. The Duke of York is hoping to overturn his sex abuse deal

The script unfolds slowly but with a deftness and coordination that signals top writers. The mass market is peddled revisionist portrayals of the Leads in tandem with ‘just-about’ plausible plot twists to sow glimmers of doubt or confusion. By day, week, month and year, these planted ‘glimmers’ are deftly nurtured by astute messaging into a bedazzlement of confusion and declining interest.

New mass market opinions and judgments are created to replace the old, unhelpful and undesired ones.

Not all will change their minds, or change them sufficiently, but enough will (or will cease to really care - which amounts to the same).

Truth gives way to better a story; one that comforts rather than vexes those who — overwhelmed with other concerns and problems of their own — understandably embrace the simplicity or certainty of ‘facts’ endorsed by Authority. Authority that presents to us in the guise of top experts, beloved celebrities, neutral media, and trusted institutions. Believe us! we do the thinking for you so you don’t have to. So much easier for you that way. No one to accuse you of eccentric beliefs.

No prizes for guessing the eventual ending. It is almost always a version of the same one.

At 21 January 2023 at 19:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spend a day volunteering to mark coronation, urges palace

How about volunteering with a famous royal charity called The Prince’s Trust?

Prince Charles worked closely with Sir Harold Haywood to establish it. In Haywood’s previous life as chairman of the Albany Trust, he commissioned and touted a booklet that sought to normalise sex between adults and children.

Roger Benson, the Prince’s Trust’s Director of Public Sector Operations, was later jailed for five years for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.


As an alternative to The Prince’s Trust, why not volunteer with a charity much favoured by Prince Andrew and his father before him: Outward Bound?

At Outward Bound Global and Outward Bound Trust, Prince Andrew was one of several benefactors enjoying a high social status.

He was joined as a director by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild — the Henry Kissinger protege who reportedly introduced the duke to Jeffrey Epstein; and by Lady Ffion Hague — whose husband organised the alleged cover-up into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal that was the Waterhouse Inquiry.

An earlier board member was Sir Jimmy Savile, who over 54 years raped and assaulted hundreds of children, adults, and corpses awaiting interment. Savile was close friends with Outward Bound’s then patron, Prince Philip, and the two of Philip’s sons who are known to have befriended career child traffickers.


Lastly, why not volunteer with the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)?

Prince Andrew was one of the highest profile faces of the NSPCC’s ‘Full Stop’ campaign — along with the Clintons and the Blairs — which coincided with the reign of terror of his close friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine was only carrying on the work of her late father, Robert Maxwell, who was Labour MP for the Buckingham constituency that includes Stowe School where Ghislaine has been photographed, and where it has been claimed that a pedophile ring once operated.

In his day Robert Maxwell chaired the NSPCC Media Committee, assisted by Sir David Frost, whom the late Surrey-based child psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman identified as a ritual abuser.

The NSPCC Full Stop Board united Prince Andrew and his alleged ‘handler’ Lord Mandelson, Rothschild banker Mark Weinberg, Ghislaine’s friend Nick Mason, Richard Branson's wife, and the Freuds.

Bill Gates' UK chief David Svendsen sat on both the Board and the Steering Group.

There are scores of charities and nonprofits boasting of royal endorsement. Perhaps one or two of them may even be clean.

At 21 January 2023 at 19:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deep State destroying puppet Biden to make way for their next puppet


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