Monday 30 January 2023


Grand vision for future of education in Dumfries and Galloway

Education chiefs are planning for fewer school buildings, and a modern era of campuses

Dumfries Academy


Liam Sanders

Sounds like a disaster. 

Bigger schools are not better. 

This is a money saving scheme by the council and not a scheme to develop children better.

Veronica Mcneish

More financial disasters and death traps like NWCC (New school in Dumfries). 

Did we ever find out what the final figure for the councils debacle with their cowboy builders etc during that farce? 

Would like to know where these ideas come from. 

When they close rural schools - add in the expense and logistics of transporting hundreds more children to a campus never mind the effect it has on small communities and areas that the school is the heart of. 

Our council need to use the money to provide teachers and an education in the schools we have before they get these pie in the sky ideas. 

Lets not even think how much consultations have already and will continue to cost like the nith flood prevention and all the other amazing ideas they have!

Stuart McNeil

Fewer buildings? There is hardly enough room for kids in current schools whether it’s primary or secondary


Lisa Rafferty

Just a back door way to close the rural schools and destroy communities by forcing them to send their kids to town schools

Senga Hannah

Are they going to bring in teachers? 

NWCC hasn't had a woodwork teacher for the last 2 years and teachers are leaving


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