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Prince Andrew is innocent? 

(1) THOMAS HAMILTON “On one occasion a black Bentley appeared at Queen Victoria School with Prince Andrew inside. Nobody seemed to be aware he was visiting and there was no pomp and ceremony. The pupils around were shooed away from trying to see who it was.” 

“Queen Victoria School is linked to Thomas Hamilton who (reportedly) killed 16 pupils in the Dunblane Primary attack in 1996. Glen Harrison, a former housemaster, claimed pupils were abused by a paedophile ring at the school in the 1980s and 1990s.” 

“Harrison and his wife refused to sit alongside Prince Andrew at a school dinner on June 19, 1991”

(2) HARVEY WEINSTEIN “New photos show Harvey Weinstein posing with late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at a royal party thrown by Prince Andrew.”

(3) LORD GREVILLE JANNER “Prince Andrew’s relationship with Greville Janner raises as many questions as that of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.”

(4) KEITH GLEED “Prince Andrew attended Lakefield College School when the late Father Keith Gleed was chaplain. They remained friends thereafter, and Gleed attended the prince's 21st birthday and his wedding to Sarah Ferguson. During Gleed's six-year tenure at LCS, he sexually abused at least five boys.”

(5) JIMMY SAVILE “Sir Jimmy Savile was a firm favourite with Prince Andrew and his former wife Sarah Ferguson"

(6) PETER NYGARD “Peter Nygard invited Prince Andrew and ex Sarah Ferguson to his luxurious estate in the Bahamas in 2000. He and the prince were pictured together. “

(7) JEAN LUC-BRUNEL “French investigators may seek to question Prince Andrew about his links with Jean-Luc Brunel, who faces charges of raping minors in connection with Jeffrey Epstein."

(8) KEVIN SPACEY “Prince Andrew enjoyed a boys' night out with none other than Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey." 

“Kevin Spacey was spotted at Cecconi's, where he had dinner with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew." 

“Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew were pictured together at a fundraising event for the Old Vic in 2003." “Kevin Spacey was given a VIP tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew.” 

Daily Telegraph, October 2 2002

(9) DEREK LAUD “Derek Laud joined Prince Andrew and a sailor pal at the royal home in Dorset”

(10) RICHARD MCDONALD “Accused of child sex abuse, Richard McDonald, a friend of Prince Andrew, is being held in a Swiss remand prison.”'s+scandal+school.-a062017534

(11) GHISLAINE MAXWELL “Paul Page from Scotland Yard's SO14 Royal Protection Command referred to a series of alleged security breaches at Buckingham Palace. The Duke of York was said to have entertained Ghislaine Maxwell there.”

12. LADY LYNN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD “Lynn Forester de Rothschild introduced Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein.” “Hers was one of the names on Epstein's private-jet log.” “In 1997 Lynn bought the Manhattan townhouse she then sold to Epstein in 2000 for a fraction of its assessed valued; they installed Ghislaine Maxwell at this property until 2016.”


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