Thursday 5 January 2023


Unknown writes -

'The UK government are criminals.'

Under threat and duress we were forced to pay taxes and so called National Insurance. The latter we were told to fund the NHS and pensions. 

For men the pension was due to be paid out at the age of 65. Government changed this a few years ago to 67 without consultation or agreement. 

A clear breach of contract - 'A criminal act.' 

They have stolen the money and call money that should have been set aside to pay future pensions "an unfunded liability". 

As a result criminal government has created a motive to kill off old people to avoid paying pensions cover for their fraud.


At 6 January 2023 at 02:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had this been France they would have been up in arms....not the English who simply wont act to protect themselves from being ripped off by the elite...that is the upperclas rogues and thieves.
The outcome is?....the French public health system is far superior to the NHS.....Which the "patriotic" newspaper The Mail is in no hurry to inform the public about.
The Mail is registered offshore to evade taxes AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.
TO DIVERT ATTENTION THE media is full of garbage about the pathetic Windsors.
There is a growing body of opinion in Britain that the English are a stupid people easily manipulated by the rich class. AND is a police state in all but name.
The building in London that houses the secret police (MI5 ) is very large indeed and then there is the grandiose MI6 wedding cake,also overlooking the Thames.


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