Friday 27 January 2023


Daniel Harris. 

'Daniel Harris, 19, from Derbyshire, posted videos which were shared by Payton Gendron, who has admitted a supermarket shooting in Buffalo, New York, and linked to Anderson Lee Aldrich, the only suspect in a shooting at a gay bar in Colorado.'

'James Walker, defending, said Daniel Harris, of Lord Street, Glossop, was withdrawn from mainstream school at the age of seven and there had been “quite disgraceful failings” by his family and the local authority.'

Is he a mind-controlled Jewish Nazi or what?


At 28 January 2023 at 11:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This young man Daniel Harris, had a previous minor conviction for defacing a George Floyd memorial in Manchester

After that, he was referred to the 'Prevent' programme designed to 'prevent radicalisation' ... tho police viewed his participation as insincere

'Inside Prevent, the UK’s controversial anti-terrorism programme'

Is it possible that sometimes 'de-radicalisation' programmes are radicalising people? Are counter-terrorism agencies sometimes creating people who seek to do terror? So the young man knew he was on the police radar and under surveillance and yet acted with great carelessness?


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