Sunday 22 January 2023


Little Rishi Sunak - UK Prime Minister

Unknown commented 

Rishi Sunak's 'Russia sanctions' are enriching people from India, who have become the new 'middleman' for UK Russian imports. 

Russia is still getting its oil money from Britain.

But Britons are paying more because they are now paying India too .

Oil Price com: 'The UK Loophole That Keeps Russian Oil Coming In' 

"India has been a back-door for imports of Russian oil into Britain British buyers are indirectly buying Russian crude refined by Indian refineries 

Such a supply chain is actually legal under UK rules 

The Jamnagar refinery on India‚Äôs west coast imported 215 shipments of crude oil and fuel oil from Russia in 2022, 4 times as much as it bought in the previous year. 

Meanwhile, the UK has imported a total of 10m barrels of diesel and other refined products from Jamnagar since the war began, 2.5 times what it bought during 2021."


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