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'Trump's first impeachment charge of abuse of power was triggered by a July 2019 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in which then-President Trump tried to pressure Zelenskyy in a quid pro quo manner to start a publicly announced investigation of Burisma and the Bidens in exchange for the release of congressionally mandated financial and military aid to Ukraine and the promise of a Trump–Zelenskyy meeting at the White House.[26].'


Anonymous makes the following allegations -

BBC provides cover story for CIA's puppet leadership shuffle in Ukraine. 

Ukraine war: Zelensky's government launches anti-corruption drive 

Anonymous makes the following allegations -

'What happens when a ship sinks? Who leave first? The RATS of course.
They Kill rats now before they leave the ship

'But Ukraine kills them before they can leave the ship and tell the world what the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens have ALLEGEDLY been doing there.

'Mostly its money laundering billions of misappropriated funds raided from the collective wests treasuries into the hands of the elite...

'You know, the same old story of weak hands forced to hand over their wealth to strong hands. But the show is interesting to watch from the sidelines. The saying: The worlds a stage and the people are always cannon fodder seems appropriate nowadays. 

'The moves are breathtaking on this game board as the leaders of the collective west make their moves. Like Janet Yellen in Africa warning them not to deal with the eastern block because they will 'take advantage of them with trade deals' (translated, they will make money with you instead of us forcing you to hand over your wealth at gunpoint). 

'Or how the Ukrainian security services having ALLEGEDLY already put a bullet in the back of the head of President Zelensky's top negotiator Denys Kiryeyev prior to CIA Director Burns arriving in Kiev, then CIA Director William Burns rushing to Kiev to secretly meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. 

'Then coincidentally, shortly after CIA Director Burns left Kiev, a helicopter exploded killing the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky, his First Deputy Yevgeny Enin and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lubkovich -

'Assassinations that point to a CIA cover-up of ALLEGED Biden Crime Family activities in Ukraine before Russia obtains evidence when taking Kiev

- 'A CIA cover-up that today saw Ukraine ousting from power a top President Zelensky adviser, four deputy ministers and five regional governors. 

'You need a score card to follow all these moves but a really interesting one is the 'Biden Crime Family corruption' in Ukraine - well known by top Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, who owns multiple large corporations in Ukraine. 

'To protect his Ukraine corporations from 'the Biden Crime Family' -

'In 2018 it saw Deripaska seeking the advice of American citizen Sergey Shestakov, who was a former diplomat of the Soviet Union prior to obtaining US citizenship - to aid Deripaska, 

'It saw Shestakov enlisting the services of top FBI official Charles McGonigal, the former head of counterintelligence in the Federal Bureau of Investigation New York City field office who received $225,000 in cash between 2017 and 2018 from the Chinese energy conglomerate working with Hunter Biden

- and as part of the alleged CIA cover-up to protect 'the Biden Crime Family', both Shestakov and FBI official McGonigal were arrested and charged yesterday with helping Deripaska evade sanctions, and taking money to investigate one of his rivals, otherwise known as the Biden Crime Family. 

'As to why Deripaska chose to work with top FBI counterintelligence official Charles McGonigal was because McGonigal allegedly triggered the Russiagate hoax against President Donald Trump and knows where all the bodies were buried by both the Biden Crime Family and Clinton Crime Family. 

'In the past, McGonigal also led the cover-up investigation of the 9/11 false flag attack. but there more!' #more

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Corruption in Ukraine

The TRUTH is coming out in Ukraine and Zelensky is in deep trouble | Redacted with Clayton Morris


At 27 January 2023 at 02:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corruption in Ukraine

The TRUTH is coming out in Ukraine and Zelensky is in deep trouble | Redacted with Clayton Morris

At 27 January 2023 at 02:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armistice proposal from Jewish-American US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

from John Helmer's site

Apparently fearing new Russian successes from their next military moves, Blinken is offering an armistice - but the Russians feel it is a trap

Blinken proposes an armistice with the Russians continuing to hold much of eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Donbass and the whole Russian 'land bridge' to Crimea

But Blinken also wants tanks and weapons to continue flowing into western Ukraine under Kiev control, during this armistice

Russians feel this is dishonest - given how Angela Merkel admitted the earlier Minsk peace agreements were a hoax by the West, merely giving Ukraine time to gather arms - so Russia thinks Blinken is merely trying to repeat that game, a fake peace to delay Russian success, so Kiev can collect more weapons


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