Thursday 12 January 2023


Kamala Harris with Jeffrey Epstein

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Signs Joe Biden is about to leave office as US President.

In a few days on 20 January, it will be exactly two years since Biden's inauguration 

It was a 2020 election popular 'conspiracy' idea that Biden would be in office only until his two-year anniversary, shortly after which he would resign in favour of Kamala Harris 

Now that seems to be in process of coming true 

The 2-year timing relates to the 1951 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which lets a person be US President for a maximum of 10 years ... two times elected, and up to two years replacing a previous president who died or resigned 

So if Kamala becomes President next week on 21 January or later, she can continue in office for 10 years 

Just recently we have: 

- Suddenly not one but TWO batches of 'classified' documents from Biden's time as Obama Vice-President are found in dodgy locations, the second batch 'in a garage' next to Biden's hobby classic Corvette sports car, with which Joe Biden is often photographed 

- Suddenly a special prosecutor, Asian-American Robert Kyoung Hur, is appointed to investigate Biden's possible misconduct ... tho nothing like this was done over the previous two years despite all the public info about the Bidens and money with China, Ukraine etc. 

- Suddenly major media is 'confirming', that the Hunter Biden laptop material incriminating Joe Biden himself, is authentic and not 'Russian disinfo' etc 

- Suddenly major media is harping on Biden's many public embarrassing moments, as in this December 2022 review of 'Joe Biden's Eight Biggest Gaffes This Year' 

Recalling Joe Biden as: - Mixing up Iranians and Ukrainians 

- Reading teleprompter instructions aloud 

- Fist-bumping Saudi Prince who perhaps ordered Khashoggi murder 

- Asking for a Congresswoman now dead 

- Exiting stage the wrong way 

- Calling Kamala 'A great President' 

- Saying the USA has 54 states instead of 50 

- Thanking the Prime Minister of Cambodia as from Colombia

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson suggested that the classified documents found in President Biden's garage could have been 'planted' there.


At 13 January 2023 at 00:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Create a false atmosphere of urgency and danger, and you can get people to put up with the most appalling behaviour imaginable, and ensure their critical faculties go into hibernation.

At 13 January 2023 at 01:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Telegraph also publishing bloodcurdling tales from the Bolshevik's cookbook

‘My hands were boiled and my fingernails were pulled out by the Russians. I was a living corpse’

Ukrainian woman recalls horror of treatment by her captors in Kherson as part of the Kremlin’s brutal campaign of torture

At 13 January 2023 at 02:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tucker Carlson on Biden story.

At 13 January 2023 at 04:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kampon will succeed Biddy in another month or so, and then go the way of JFK.


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