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Lady Gaga says rape as teenager left her pregnant and caused ‘psychotic break’. 

Lady Gaga on her fight with fibromyalgia

Sinéad O’Connor reveals her 'evil' mother stripped and kicked her as a child 

“Sinéad O’Connor has revealed her late mother Marie was so ‘evil’ that she stripped the young star naked as a child and regularly kicked her in her private parts in an attempt to damage her reproductive organs …” 

“In 2003, singer Sinead O'Connor left her singing career, telling Dublin's Hot Press it was because of family needs and the growing fatigue of her debilitating disease, fibromyalgia.”

'She can't walk very far': Jonathan Ross reveals his rarely seen daughter Betty, 31, is confined to an electric wheelchair amid ongoing battle with fibromyalgia

Study links adult fibromyalgia to childhood sexual abuse 

A new Tel Aviv University study finds that fibromyalgia syndrome - a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain, fatigue and cognitive difficulties - may be a consequence of post-traumatic physical and psychological distress associated with childhood sexual abuse.

"I'm a ... traditional Anglican", -- David Hallam meets Gyles Brandreth to speak about faith ... 

"Gyles had a very close encounter with the public expression of faith just after leaving Oxford. "In the early 1970s Lord Longford, a committed Catholic, publisher, and prison visitor, set up a 'commission' on pornography. 

"He brought together the great and the good of various Christian groups but needed some young people. 

"He thought of Cliff Richard but also of Gyles ... 

"Three or four months later Lord Longford, Gyles and others connected with the commission visited a live sex show in Copenhagen ..." 

"Gyles’ childhood was replete with Christian activity, 'my mother was the daughter of a missionary ... 

"'My parents were very traditional. Till the end of their lives they said their prayers on their knees ... 

"From an early age, I spent most of my spare time at church ... 

"I go to a church in Barnes in London ... "

'I go there on a weekly basis to the 8 am service on a Sunday morning, where they do "The Book of Common Prayer". 

That is a reflection of what I am about ...' 

"After half a century of making the nation smile, Gyles Brandreth, may not share the doctrines and dogmas of many Christians, but his quiet confidence that he should be in church on a Sunday morning should be an encouragement to us all ..."

HORRIBLE INTERVIEW Three months after 9-11, Louis Theroux ("a straight atheist") and Gyles Brandreth ("a straight Anglican") engage in their regular trade of mocking and misdirecting their readers and viewers, the general public. 

Like the majority of their respective, nasty, professional outputs, the double-act routine below was undoubtedly a source of great mirthless amusement to the pair of them, both during and afterward. It also served their purposes of obfuscation and sowing confusion, "in a jolly and entertaining way".


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“This year’s list is the first published since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the first to be signed off by her son Charles as king.

“Jason Knauf, the former royal aide who made a complaint of bullying against the Duchess of Sussex, which she denied, has been recognised for his service to the monarchy.”

“The chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, said he was ‘enormously honoured and deeply humbled’ to have been knighted …”


“Chris Bryant and Julian Lewis receive knighthoods …

“Chris Bryant [is] the senior Labour backbencher who chairs the Commons standards committee …

“Julian Lewis [is] the Tory MP for New Forest East since 1997 ..”

Agent of Labour MP Chris Bryant is jailed for collecting 12,000 pictures of 'the most serious child pornography police have seen'

Over-zealous attacks on Israel 'anti-semitism by proxy', says Labour MP Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant is a Parliamentary Supporter or Labour Friends of Israel.

Chris Bryant’s donations received from Labour Friends of Israel and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs include:

Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East constituency, which includes Esther Rantzen’s village of Bramshaw:

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A Scottish charity that advocates for abused children in the Scottish media and works with Future Pathways to provide counselling for victims of child abuse is receiving funding from an institution that is currently under investigation for child abuse by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

Donating money to a child abuse charity that partners with Future Pathways does not create a conflict of interest for Dr Guthrie's association.

However, it is important to note that the victims of child abuse at Dr Guthrie's schools feel humiliated and insulted.

We continue to be ignored and disregarded as usual


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