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 Ireland’s membership of the EU ‘a mistake’ … 

“[The] constitutional revolution by stealth [has] made us citizens of a Federal EU, effectively a ‘United States of Europe’ … 

“[In] Ukraine? 

“The Irish Constitution says that Ireland should stand for ‘the pacific settlement of international disputes’. 

“Yet we are currently assisting one side militarily while imposing economic sanctions on the other, for that is what EU policy demands of us as it subordinates Europe’s interest to that of the US in the latter’s proxy war with Russia, down to the last Ukrainian …” 

Anthony Coughlan is Associate Professor Emeritus in Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin


New York OKs human composting

“Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul signed legislation on Saturday to legalize natural organic reduction, popularly known as human composting, making New York the sixth state in the nation to allow that method of burial …

“The New York State Catholic Conference, a group that represents bishops in the state, has long opposed the bill, calling the burial method ‘inappropriate’ …

"’Human bodies are not household waste …’, he said.”


Composting the dead devalues the importance of the living … 

“Maybe it’s my age, but I can’t help feeling disquieted by these non-funeral trends … 

“[There’s] something ultimately diminishing about grandpa in a flowerpot. “Indeed, it seems to me that these methods to unceremoniously eradicate the body convey a powerful symbolic message that we are essentially nothing more than carbon atoms gathered temporarily in a rational and animated form. 

“‘Since life doesn’t ultimately matter in the material scheme of things, what difference does it make whether we bury, burn, liquify, or compost what are, after all, merely inanimate flesh and bones? … 

“Human dignity matters even after we die. 

“That’s why law and tradition require that corpses be handled with respect. 

“For example, it’s against the Geneva Convention to desecrate the bodies of enemy combatants. 

“Having sex with a cadaver is a serious crime. 

“Grave and cemetery vandalization are illegal and viewed as violating something sacred. 

“We cover the remains of people who just died to preserve their privacy—even though the dead are quite beyond awareness of being exposed. 

“In these and myriad other ways, we accord our deceased respect not accorded to the bodies of animals. 

“It’s a way to honor their lives and our shared humanity. 

“As an ultimate example, look at how important the pomp and ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was to millions of people around the world. 

“Imagine the different sense that would have been conveyed if her remains had merely been poured into London’s water treatment system … 

“Treating the dead with great respect also reflects the belief that our importance continues even after we die …

“At its most reductionist, materialists insist our lives have no ultimate meaning … 

“[If] our remains come to be perceived as merely so much waste to be disposed of as quickly and efficiently as possible, if our disposition practices reflect a widespread belief that we were merely intelligent meat, if we really come to see ourselves as unworthy of anything greater than anonymous death, we will be tempted, in life, to treat one another accordingly.”


Fury as Police Scotland describes paedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’



Note the re-tasking of COVID traitors Vallance & Whitty 162. 

Several witnesses welcomed the Government’s commitment to phase-out new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and said it has helped drive the growing uptake of EVs.

251 There are however several barriers for switching to an EV. More In Common told us: “Both our polling and focus groups have uncovered that the biggest barriers to swapping petrol/diesel cars for electric cars are the high price of cars, the lack of charging points and worries about their reliability.” 

252 Others noted the same three issues, though Which? described cost concerns as being related to “upfront costs”.

253 Cost will be a particular barrier for people on low incomes. Sir Patrick Vallance—when expressing the importance of behaviour change to meet climate and environmental goals happening in an equitable way—said: “It is all very well to talk about buying an electric car, but it is totally impossible for the vast majority of the population.



List of 'Traitors' engineering poverty in the UK Ordered to be printed 7 September 2022 and published 12 October 2022 Published by the Authority of the House of Lords 

HOUSE OF LORDS Environment and Climate Change Committee HL Paper 64 1st Report of Session 2022–23 

In our hands: behaviour change for climate and environmental goals Environment and Climate Change Committee The Environment and Climate Change Committee was appointed by the House of Lords in each session to consider the environment and climate change. 

Membership The Members of the Environment and Climate Change Committee are: Baroness Boycott Lord Lucas Lord Browne of Ladyton Baroness Northover Lord Cameron of Dillington (until 19 January 2022) Bishop of Oxford Baroness Chalker Baroness Parminter (Chair) Lord Colgrain Duke of Wellington (from 19 January 2022) Lord Grantchester (from 19 January 2022) Lord Whitty Lord Lilley Baroness Young of Old Scone



170. The measures that could dissuade private vehicle use include: (b) Road pricing, congestion charging, low emission zones, higher parking costs, workplace parking levies and other charges levied for private vehicle use. Some witnesses suggested charges could perform a dual function of disincentivising car use and raising funds for improvements to active travel infrastructure and public transport.283 

171. More widely, Prof Anable called for the Government to establish an overall car traffic reduction target—similar to that adopted by the Scottish Government of a 20 per cent reduction by 2030—and to develop a delivery plan against this.

284 Ms Berge explained that the Scottish Government published in January 2022 a “route map to reduce car use by a fifth by 2030 (against a 2019 baseline)”,

285 which includes a commitment to spend 10 per cent of the transport budget annually on active travel from 2024–25.2



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