Tuesday 6 December 2022


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Save the whales just stop offshore wind


10 sperm whales die after stranding on Yorkshire coast
24 Dec 2020

Three dead sperm whales washed ashore on English beach | CNN
25 Jan 2016Three sperm whales washed up on a beach in eastern England over the weekend, just a week after a dozen animals of the same species washed ashore on German and Dutch beaches. The mammals,...

There are 234 projects with 43 currently operating if its windy enough.

List of companies profitting from "eco friendly" offshore wind projects.

Includes Blackrock, Eon, Scottish Power a list of globalist who's who.


The death of a 40-foot Sei whale off the coast of Edinburgh last year has sparked a renewed investigation into the deaths of thousands washing up on British shores.

New documentary to explore human impact on upsurge in whale strandings

A record number of whales are becoming stranded on British shorelines amid the climate emergency, according to a new documentary.

STV seem keen to blame the temperature

Are the faux environmentalists and their windmill builders part of the problem ?

What effect does a high voltage power cable & resultant magnetic field have on marine wildlife ?


At 6 December 2022 Anonymous said...

Are Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil making whales and dolphins extinct ?

Every environmentally sound windmill project requires a siesmic survey.

Seismic surveys produce some of the most intense noises in the ocean, and can often operate for an extended period of time. Many cetaceans rely on sound to forage, find mates, avoid predators, navigate and communicate. One can imagine the possible harmful effects of powerful seismic survey sounds on acoustically sensitive marine mammals like whales and dolphins. 

Effects can be divided into 4 categories: physical and physiological effects, perceptual effects, behavioural effects, and indirect effects. Physical and physiological effects include damage to body tissues, permanent reduction in auditory sensitivity, reduction in auditory sensitivity with eventual recovery, and chronic stress. Perceptual effects include masking biologically significant sounds (such as those used in echolocation, and communication among others). Behavioural effects include the disruption of foraging, area avoidance, changes in diving and respiration patterns, and changes in vocalisation. Indirect effects include reduced prey availability (fish are affected too) which results in reduced feeding rates. Unfortunately a large amount of uncertainty exists around the possible effects of noise on cetaceans, and other marine mammals. 

Some studies have even shown no effects of seismic surveys on whales and dolphins present in the area, but these are in the minority. 

However, the difficulties of studying cetaceans which spend all of their lives at sea, and most of it submerged, are well-known. In any case, despite the uncertainties that exist regarding the effects of seismic survey noise on cetaceans, the development and implementation of a precautionary approach to seismic surveys is needed to safeguard individuals and the population. In addition to noise, other threats from seismic surveys come in the form of entanglement in airgun array gear.


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New Study Reveals Offshore Wind Farms Aren’t Necessarily Safe for Marine Ecosystems Particularly in the North Sea

Several videos here



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