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'Kevin Spacey Fowler was born in South Orange, New Jersey, to Kathleen Ann (née Knutson), a secretary, and Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, a technical writer and data consultant.[7][8] His family relocated to Southern California when he was four years old.[9] Spacey has a sister and an older brother, Randy Fowler, from whom Spacey is estranged.[10][11][12] 

'His brother has stated that their father, whom he described as a racist "Nazi supporter", was sexually and physically abusive, and that Spacey shut down emotionally and became "very sly and smart" to avoid beatings.[13] Spacey first addressed the matter in October 2022, saying that his father was "a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi" who would call him "an F-word that is very derogatory to the gay community".[14][15] He stated that this caused him to become extremely private about his personal life and was why he did not come out as gay earlier in his life.[14] Spacey had previously described his father as "a very normal, middle-class man".[16]'

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“He is due to appear before Westminster Magistrates' Court on FRIDAY 16 DECEMBER, after being charged with seven more sexual offences by the Crown Prosecution Service.

“The former House of Cards star is also due to stand trial in the UK next summer after being charged with five counts of sexual assault - all of which he denies.”

“GHISLAINE sat on the Queen’s throne with SPACEY pretending to be the Duke of Edinburgh.”

“The two visited the palace with former PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON …

“And they were all there at the palace at the invitation of PRINCE ANDREW ….”

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Can’t imagine that the Crown Prosecution Service’s case against Spacey will be allowed to go much wider or deeper.

Spacey is making a movie with a Guernsey film director because he (Spacey) understands that the last thing either U.K. or US intelligence want is yet *another* alleged serial sex attacker (Spacey) raising yet more questions about the King of England’s brother and the icon of the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton.

Goodness, people might start to wonder if Charles and Andrew Windsor ever had any close friends who weren’t alleged serial sex attackers.

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“Gene was born in Kettering, England, on November 16 1984, and moved to the Island of Guernsey in the English Channel at the age of four with his parents.”

“He went to St. Sampson's Secondary School.”

“Despite the ongoing legal battles, writer and director Fallaize said he wrote the script for ‘Control’ with Spacey in mind.

“Fallaize says he ‘grew up’ watching Spacey as a film fan and said while the controversy surrounding Spacey was ‘a consideration, I wouldn’t say it was a concern.’”

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“St Paul’s is located on top of LUDGATE HILL, named after the Celtic god, Llud, and a temple dedicated to him once stood on the site. Llud was the god of the
Thames just as Tamesis was the goddess. St Paul’s is a very significant location for elite occultists … It stands within ‘The City’ … [There are] a whole network of
Saturn-worshipping secret societies based in ‘The City’ and the adjoining district, ‘The Temple’, which is the headquarters of the legal system.”

— David Icke, The Perception Deception 2013


Correspondence address:
Office 7, 35-37, LUDGATE HILL, London EC4M 7JN

— U.K. Companies House

“The People of Cupsogue Pictures:

Gene Fallaize

Adam Southwick

“Adam David Southwick is a British actor, producer and musician, born in R.A.F. Wegberg, West Germany … His father was an officer in the Royal Air Force …”

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“The name is more common in Guernsey than Jersey and it is probable that it first arrived in Jersey when members of the family settled there from Guernsey, rather than coming direct from France.

“Baptisms records seem to indicate two distinct families, one starting in the mid-18th century using the spelling Falaise, and the other appearing a century later using the spelling Fallaize.

“However, there are several surviving records from the 14th century and even the end of the 13th, using a variety of spellings, suggesting that the family was established in Jersey far earlier and then died out.”


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