Friday 30 December 2022

Heart attacks - Chris Whitty speaks.

Thousands in the UK are having unexpected heart attacks.

Is this due to the Covid vaccines backed by Chris Whitty?

This year there has been a higher number of deaths than normal from preventable conditions as many have been unable to get statins or pills for blood pressure in lockdowns. 

(A little raw garlic can be good for the heart)


At 1 January 2023 at 20:39 , Blogger Unknown said...

And of course as Chief Medical Officer, Whitty was enitrely responsible for the policies which caused people to go without. So he should be charged with culpable homicide as the death statistics rack up.

It's never ending this making out that they are responsible for nothing and are still the providers of solutions, when they are responsible for everything and are not fit to provide anything.


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