Friday 4 November 2022

Was Jimmy Savile Actually Bible John and a Murderer?


At 4 November 2022 at 10:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson accepts another £10,000 in accommodation from Tory donor

BAMFORD family has contributed almost £50k to ex-PM’s lifestyle since July, register of MPs’ interests shows

At 4 November 2022 at 10:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The entire ‘Zionist-ultra’ Bamford family appear in the ‘Black Book’ of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Indeed, Alice and George Bamford are known to be close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, and Alice is also linked to Stowe School. Sir Anthony and Lady Carole Bamford were major financial patrons of the NSPCC during the years when dozens of its top supporters were close friends of Ghislaine Maxwell and/or Jeffrey Epstein. Moreover, Lady Carole was on the Board of the NSPCC’s Full Stop Appeal, and both she and her husband, Sir Anthony, were on the Full Stop Appeal steering group. This was the NSPCC campaign of which the likes of, e.g., Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Gerald Ronson, Mathew Freud, Shaun Woodward & Camilla Sainsbury, Sir Cliff Richard, Tom Ford and Richard Branson, etc, were also active supporters. Carole Bamford and Mandelson are friends.

At 4 November 2022 at 13:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

NBC News mysteriously PULLS its exclusive report on how Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul, 82, calmly opened door to cops in his underpants - and then walked TOWARDS 'hammer intruder' who bludgeoned him


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