Thursday 24 November 2022


'Baroness Bra' Tory peer Michelle Mone faces new questions as leaked bank documents suggest she and her children 'received £29m in profits from Covid PPE firm that she recommended to ministers'


At 24 November 2022 at 03:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A difficult question for Baroness Bra....

Did any of the supplied masks that you profitted from contain the known carcenogen titanuim dioxide ?

At 24 November 2022 at 03:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop smart motorway rollout to prevent ‘any more deaths’, police chief urges Rishi Sunak in damning letter

PM previously pledged a ‘comprehensive ban’ on new smart motorways 
Transport Secretary Mark Harper failed to rule out building more of the roads 
Dr Alan Billingsis is now calling on the Prime Minister not to U-turn on the ban

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billingsis now calling on the Prime Minister not to U-turn on the ban, describing the roads as ‘inherently dangerous’.

At 24 November 2022 at 09:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprise. The biggest problem with this verisimilitudinous materium, its destiny, and your role within it, is the constantly disingenuous reaction to the fully understandable corruption manifested brazenly by the avatars of its doom. They're bent. It's their world. That's not a bias in a system. It's the hardwired nature of the thing.

At 26 November 2022 at 01:11 , Blogger Anon said...

Unknown commented on "MICHELLE MONE - COVID PPE"
Just another Tory c****. The Tory Party just attracts c*****s.


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