Sunday 20 November 2022


Gary Jordan@garyjordan writes- 

COVID-19  was no 'lab-leak' and certainly wasn't a deadly virus. Instead it was an imaginary crisis created by the central bankers out of necessity to keep their Ponzi scheme running.

Two great articles I read today go into this in great detail:

Now who was it that first came up with the idea of 'unprecedented policy coordination' (read: the COVID Lockdown scam)

It was the authors of this report:

Elga Bartsch
Jean Boivin
Stanley Fischer
Philipp Hildebrand

All of the above work for Blackrock - which is owned by Larry Fink.

One of the authors, Stanley Fischer  was once the Governor of the Bank of Israel.
Another, Philipp Hildebrand is partnered with Margarita Louis-Dreyfus - widow of  billionaire Robert Louis Dreyfus.

How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 2

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