Saturday 15 October 2022


The Tory Party is like a knight dying in his armour. Looked at casually from a distance, it still appears formidable and important. Seen close to, it is obviously done for, gasping for breath.

Where did the money go?

Covid scams?
Ukraine scams?

All supported by the Labour Party?



At 16 October 2022 at 17:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our democracy has become a kleptocracy. An opportunity for a smash and grab heist by conservative entrepreneurs has been seized and facilitated by moronic acquiescence to orders “from above” by all those in government salaried roles. But the facts and details of the narrative are irrelevant. What matters is if you are you a friend or foe of the projected narrative. Every word and action of all public figures is assessed, and exposed or hidden, depending upon its polarity. Sigh.


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