Thursday 22 September 2022


The right wing nationalist Modi, of India's BJP, is a friend of Israel

Wars and riots and false flag attacks usually make people more 'right-wing'?

"BJP activists in Britain are stirring up hatred against Muslims and pushing British Hindus to support the Conservative Party."

"The police blamed agitators from both sides are coming from outside the city to commit violence." 

"There were false claims of an attempted kidnap of a teenage girl, false reports of attacks on mosques and false reports that a Muslim man had been attacked at a cricket match, all adding to the tension."

"On Saturday a group of young Hindu men were filmed marching through Green Lane Road, home to a number of Muslim-owned businesses. 

"Some were filmed shouting 'Jai Shri Ram', meaning 'Victory to Lord Rama' a chant  used by Hindu nationalists in India."


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