Tuesday 6 September 2022

Greta , Rothschilds, 9 11

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Looked up the link on Greta. That started a huge find of information. 

a) Carlton Bartels, CEO of Cantor’s CO2e.com, invented and held the patent on the computer-based system for simulated automated carbon trading. 

Bartels was operating this simulated game; it is alleged that his simulation administrator codes were stolen and the game was hacked into, which took the game from a simulation to a live game. Significantly, Bartels had also participated in a "greenhouse gas emissions trading simulation" hosted by Climate Change Central in Calgary, Alberta on September 5-6, 2001. 

Sidenote: Just prior to the first tower "attack" on 9/11 Bartels simulated wargame being ran out of the 2nd tower was hacked into turning the wargame into a real event. After the first tower "attack" the people inside the 2nd tower were told that the threat did not effect them and to stay in the building and return to their regular activities. 

During this time Bartels stayed in the 2nd tower dealing with the hack in real-time, and because of this was killed a short time later when the 2nd "attack" took place in the exact area of the tower he was located in. https://peakd.com/conspiracy/@budz82/9-11-the-targeting-of-cantor-fitzgerald-owned-companies-on-9-11-44-of-total-9-11-deaths 

b) 9 September 2002 ROTHSCHILD Australia and E3 International earlier this week launched a carbon trading fund that would allow companies that produce greenhouse gases to offset those emissions by buying carbon credits. They got Cartlton's patent. https://www.miningmonthly.com/markets/international-coal-news/1282213/rothschild-e3-launch-carbon-trading-fund?fbclid=IwAR2PiUju7PjiYevni4jLnnCQzGtkd2N_pFRdVmTzfQwSILJ97cXjE31HR8o

c) Then Greta created the enthusiasm for climate action thus endorsing carbon credits.

Apologies may be in order. Prior to Aangirfan blog disappearing for quite some time, a "Nathan Rothschild' called me on the FB phone. It showed up as from Switzerland. 

I revealed the source of a lot of my information was Aangirfan. A while later, a per usual, I went to see what was on the blog. To find all, everything, every link, even ones I had stored had gone. 

Thank goodness you got back up. At the time it seemed a harmless thing to say as you had been around for so long and withstood so many attacks one would assume. Sorry. Hope you keep on going. 


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