Thursday 4 August 2022


Ella Carter

'Ella Carter is the girlfriend of Archie's half-brother Thomas Summers and has only been in the family pictures since January of this year. 

'Prior to Archie's incident she had rarely seen the boy and yet here she is taking front and center seat in the family's affairs. 

'She states she is a law student, but there appears to be no evidence of this. It is also possible that she has already taken funds from the GoFundMe that she set up for Archie. 

'She gains access to court proceedings and such by stating she is Hollie's personal assistant. 

'It was also discussed in earlier interviews that Ella is the one that told Hollie to not do the brain stem testing. 

'At the moment, Ella is once again banned from facebook do to her harassive behavior in public and private messages to other members of Archie's Army and Diginity for All.'


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