Wednesday 27 July 2022


Why might Mr A. behave well and have a happy life and Mr B. behave badly and have an unhappy life?

Sounds unjust?

BUT, what if there is only one mind in the universe as some people have suggested?

'There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one...'

Galatians 3:28

'Heaven/Nirvana/Paradise is when we give up the idea of having a separate personality/self /ego - We become ONE with the Divine/Tau/Holy Spirit.'

The Buddhists would say that our sense of being a separate 'self' is an illusion.

What about 'justice'?

Let us assume that there is a God who is 'just' and 'fair'.

Jesus said that 'some seed fell on stony ground'.

How can God ensure that those who, by chance, have gone astray, are rescued from their bad luck?

For life to be fair, every single soul has eventually to reach perfection and salvation.

And every single soul has to experience the same range of 'ups' and 'downs'.

Life magazine reported (The Mystery of Chance):

On 1 March 1950, all the fifteen members of a church choir in Beatrice, Nebraska, due at practice at 7:20, were late.

For example, one couldn't start her car; and one mother and daughter were late because the mother had to call the daughter twice to wake her from a nap.

At 7:25 the church building was destroyed in an explosion. The members of the choir, Life reported, wondered if their delay was "an act of God."


To the Hindu, we are all part of God; our sense of being a separate individual, such as John or William, is an illusion; and all our souls eventually join up with God.

According to The Upanishads, the Hindu New Testament (Life And Death Explained?):

God is within all the created world (immanent) and outside all the created world (transcendent).

God becomes immanent (within all) until the end of evolution when the immanent has all again become transcendent (outside the created world). The created world evolves into the transcendent God.


For the joy of creation.

Why is there evil? 

For the joy of good arising from it.

"Eventually suffering destroys the ego."

A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on suffering.

Why darkness? That the light may shine more.

Why suffering? For the instruction of the soul and the joy of sacrifice. 

Why the infinite play of creation and evolution? For pure joy.

The Buddhists teach that "it is only conventionally, not ultimately, true that we are persons."

Buddhist 'No-Self' Doctrine.



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