Saturday 11 June 2022


Edward VIII (The Duke of Windsor) reportedly liked young men for sex.

How Edward gave up the throne for a woman who didn't love ...

Edward's wife, Wallis Simpson, was reportedly a hemaphrodite who had several male lovers.

Was Wallis Simpson a man?

'Unknown to Wallis, her meetings with her lover were being logged by the British Secret Service, who'd been asked by the Government to keep an eye on both her and the Duke of Windsor. Soon, the affair was fuelling high-society gossip.


'The diarist Chips Channon was the first to record this latest tidbit, told to him by a rich American in May 1939: 'Mr [William] Bullitt — the American ambassador in Paris — is madly in love with the Duchess of Windsor.'...''Fruity Metcalfe — an 'active homosexual', according to Forwood, who'd had 'a physical affair with the Prince of Wales'.

'There are many tales about the Duke's taste for young men, both before and after his marriage.'


How Edward gave up the throne for a woman who didn't love ...


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