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Rudolf Vrba aka Walter Rosenberg

Book 'An Artistic Picture'

'Survivor' never saw actual gassing deaths

Toronto Sun
January 24, 1985

A 'concentration camp survivor' yesterday admitted he never witnessed anybody being gassed to death and his book about Auschwitz-Birkenau in only "an artistic picture ... not a document for a court."

'Rudolf Vrba, an assistant professor at the University of B.C., told the Ernst Z√ľndel trial that his written and pictorial descriptions of the Auschwitz crematoria and gas chambers are based on "what I heard it might look like."

Defence attorney Doug Christie, of Victoria, challenged Vrba's earlier testimony that he saw a Nazi SS soldier in a gas mask pouring poison gas into a low bunker connected to a Birkenau crematorium.

Vrba yesterday admitted he was never inside that particular bunker, after Christie suggested it was the roof of a mortuary Vrba had seen, not a gas chamber.

Vrba also admitted some of the thousands of women, elderly and children he claimed were marched directly to gas chambers upon arrival might have been going to the camp's bathhouse.

Vrba said his 1944 drawings of the Auschwitz camp layout were inexact and Christie suggested Vrba didn't even know where the bathhouse was located.



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