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Giacomo Casanova, 1725 - 1798, had affairs with women, and girls, and boys.

Casanova suffered from syphilis.

"One suspects that, writing his memoir to amuse himself when dogged by syphilis and melancholy towards the end of his life, he embroidered the more salacious episodes."

Casanova: the scandalous libertine who seduced his own daughter

"Casanova spent his final years as a poor outcast, bored and dissatisfied with life.

Casanova Was Also a Grave Robber 

Casanova was born in Venice.

"Casanova was initiated into carnal pleasures at the age of 11 by the 14-year-old sister of his tutor in Padua."

"Casanova was thrown out of the seminary in which had trained to become a priest for being discovered in bed with another male student."

"Casanova was a committed follower of the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish cult holding a deep fascination for him to the extent that he attributed his life's successes to its power."

Enlightenment on Casanova's sexual preferences 

"Casanova’s fascination with the teachings of the Kabbalah, codes and zodiacal mysticism allowed him to exploit the outlandish beliefs of the credulous rich, and extract serious amounts of money from them."


"Casanova presented Louis XV with a 13-year-old candidate for his entourage, whose virginity was confirmed by the royal hand before purchase."

Casanova: the scandalous libertine who seduced his own daughter

"Having newly met the 16-year-old who turned out to be his own daughter and finding her longing for a child but yoked to an impotent duke, he left her pregnant."

Casanova: the scandalous libertine who seduced his own daughter


"Same-sex behaviour has been identified among more than a thousand animal species, from variegated sea urchins and molluscs to bonin flying foxes , snow geese and domestic cows.

"Perhaps we’ve been looking at it all wrong, suggest Julia Monk, from Yale University, US, and colleagues, by assuming that heterosexuality is the default position."

Were animal ancestors bisexual? | Cosmos


"Researchers believe that  homosexual behaviour was part of our earliest DNA."

Gay behaviour 'is the norm for most animals' ... - Daily Mail

Casanova took part in sexual acts with males, "and without complaint".

"He fell in love with a boy." (physics - Giacomo Casanova)


In Chapter 11 of The memoirs of Casanova ( The memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt, by Giacomo Casanova ... ) we read:

"One of the two boys... was remarkably handsome and might have been seventeen. I thought he was a ‘castrato’ who, as is the custom in Rome, performed all the parts of a prima donna. 

"The mother presented ... her other son, likewise very good-looking, but more manly than the ‘castrato’, although younger. His name was Petronio...

"I returned to my room and sent Petronio for a bottle of Cyprus wine. He brought the wine and seven sequins, the change for the doubloon I had given him. 

"I divided them between Bellino, Cecilia and Marina, and begged the two young girls to leave me alone with their brother.

“Bellino, I am certain that your natural conformation is different from mine; my dear, you are a girl.

“I am a man, but a castrato; I have been examined.

“Allow me to examine you likewise, and I will give you a doubloon.

“I cannot, for it is evident that you love me, and such love is condemned by religion.

“You did not raise these objections with the bishop’s chaplain.

“He was an elderly priest, and besides, he only just glanced at me.

“I will know the truth,” said I, extending my hand boldly.

"But he repulsed me and rose from his chair. His obstinacy vexed me, for I had already spent fifteen or sixteen sequins to satisfy my curiosity."

John Masters' 1969 biography, Casanova, pointed out that Casanova practiced bisexuality. (The Casanova Controversy - TIME)

John Masters, in his book Casanova , 1969:

"A page of notes in his handwriting, found among his papers, contains the following notes, as though for chapter headings:

"Mes amours avec Camille; Pédérastie avec X."

Prof. Luna on p. 70 of her book:

"Three specific allusions to homosexual relations were censured at the time of Casanova's final revision of the Memoirs: 'My love for the Duke of Elbouef's fancy boy'.

"'Pederasty with * in Dunkirk'.

"'Pederasty with Bazin and his sisters' (Marr 31-61).

"Perhaps one should also add to this series the note on 'the ring in Etorière's underpants' (Marr 16 k 45), which was also cut; it is well-known that in vol. 4 (p.49), where Casanova is in love with the beautiful M.M., he compares her to Antinoos and to Etorière whom he had 'met in Paris,' and who had a reputation as 'one of the handsomest men in Paris.'"



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