Sunday 29 May 2022


David Stirling: The Phoney Major, by Gavin Mortimer, is published by Constable at £25.

Sir David Stirling 'was a man of limited capacity with a troubling, error-strewn history'.

'He might have been the Phantom Major to the British tabloids but to his soldiers, Stirling was a liability who had repeatedly gambled with their lives in his pursuit of glory. 

'His languor and fondness for drinking and gambling in the clubs of Cairo, meanwhile, had earned him the nickname ‘the Giant Sloth’.'

Stirling's Keir House

According to Stirling - 'Jock Lewes could far more genuinely claim to be the founder of the SAS than I'.


At 29 May 2022 at 02:51 , Anonymous Bebe said...

Good to see you back.


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