Friday 27 May 2022

Catherine S NDE-like 5/14/2022. NDE-like;OBE 9396. From Canada 

'I found myself in this most beautiful landscape. There was a river on my left. I was on a path beside the river and to my right was a thick forest. The scene on the other side of the river was identical. The colors were all shades and tints of a beautiful blue. 

'I was walking along side a being in a hooded cloak. I couldn’t see their face but we were walking arm in arm. There was an overwhelming feeling of pure love and peacefulness. We did not speak using voice but telepathically. I don’t remember hearing any words but the sense I got was that everything would be alright.'

NDE-like OBE. Experience occurred at age 14 and shared 55 years later.


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