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AUSTRALIA - The army is now transferring positive Covid cases and contacts in the Northern Territories to ‘Quarantine Camps’ by army truck. So it wasn’t a conspiracy theory then.

Darrell Brooks Jr (Mathboi Fly)

Prince Andrew’s £1.5m loan paid off by firms linked to Tory donor – report Duke of York and multimillionaire David Rowland have had a close relationship for some years

Ghislaine Maxwell to call "False Memory" peddler

Groveland Four

Millionaire Ministers scuttle back to the HoC from the £35,000 a-seat Tory Winter Ball, to vote to leave the poorest households with no choice but to sell their homes for social care - while simultaneously protecting the £1Million plus householders…

Malcolm X's daughter found dead in Brooklyn

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Agents and informants 

'The relationship between the CIA and the US press was formed during the Cold War. 

'The secret service smuggled 400 agents into the press, as Carl Bernstein revealed in Rolling Stone: at the New York Herald Tribune, Hearst, the agencies AP, UPI and Reuters, the television channels ABC and CBS, the Miami Herald and Newsweek, its Rome -Correspondent on the CIA payroll. 

'Times editor Arthur Hays Sulzberger has been classified as an informant by the CIA, as have CBS President William Paley and Time founder Henry Luce. 

'In addition to the CIA, Luce and Paley were also among the financiers of the Cold War propaganda machine Congress for Cultural Freedom

'From 1950 to 1967 the Congress had offices in 35 countries, published a thousand books and published over 20 magazines, including the German Month and the British Encounter. 

'In West Berlin, the congress was also linked to the RIAS. Even Axel Springer is said to have received $ 7 million from the CIA, reported The Nation magazine.' 

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Whitney Webb: The truth about Bill Gates and Microsoft ... 

"The likely reason for the continued cover-up of the true extent of Epstein's ties to Gates has much more to do with Gates's company Microsoft than with Bill Gates himself. 

"While it is now permissible to report on ties that discredit Gates's personal reputation, the information that could tie his relationship with Epstein and the Maxwells to Microsoft has been omitted. 

"If, as the Evening Standard reported, Epstein did make millions out of his business ties with Gates prior to 2001 and if Gates's ties to Isabel Maxwell and the Israeli espionage–linked company CommTouch were to become public knowledge, the result could easily be a scandal on a par with the PROMIS software affair. 

"Such a disclosure could be very damaging for Microsoft and its partner the World Economic Forum, as Microsoft has become a key player in the WEF's Fourth Industrial Revolution initiatives that range from digital identity and vaccine passports to efforts to replace human workers with artificial intelligence. 

"There are clearly powerful actors with a vested interest in keeping the Epstein-Gates narrative squarely focused on 2011 and later—not necessarily to protect Gates but more likely to protect the company itself and other top Microsoft executives who appear to have been compromised by Epstein and others in the same intelligence-linked network. 

"This is hardly an isolated incident, as similar efforts have been made to cover up (or memory hole) the ties of Epstein and the Maxwells to other prominent Silicon Valley empires, such as those led by Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. 

"One key reason for this is that the Epstein network's blackmail operation involved not only sexual blackmail but electronic forms of blackmail, something used to great effect by Robert Maxwell on behalf of Israeli intelligence as part of the PROMIS operation. 

"Given its nature, electronic forms of blackmail through illegal surveillance or backdoored software can be used to compromise those in power with something to hide, but who were uninclined to engage in the exploitation of minors, such as those abused by Epstein. [continues ...]

"That Isabel and Christine Maxwell were able to forge close business ties with Microsoft after having been part of the front company that played a central role in PROMIS-related espionage and after explicitly managing their subsequent companies with the admitted intention to 'rebuild' their spy father's work and legacy, strongly points to the probability of at least some Microsoft products having been compromised in some fashion, likely through alliances with Maxwell-run tech companies. 

"The lack of mainstream media concern over the documented ties of the Epstein network to other top Microsoft executives of the past, such as Nathan Myhrvold, Linda Stone, and Steven Sinofsky, makes it clear that, while it may be open season on the relationship between Bill Gates and Epstein, such is not the case for Microsoft and Epstein. 

"The ties of Epstein and the Maxwells to Silicon Valley, not just to Microsoft, are part of a broader attempt to cover up the strong intelligence component in the origin of Silicon Valley's most powerful companies. 

"Much effort has been invested in creating a public perception that these companies are strictly private entities despite their deep, long-standing ties to the intelligence agencies and militaries of the United States and Israel. 

"The true breadth of the Epstein scandal will never be covered by mainstream media because so many news outlets are owned by these same Silicon Valley oligarchs or depend on Silicon Valley for online reader engagement. 

"Perhaps the biggest reason why the military/intelligence origins and links to the current Silicon Valley oligarchy will never be honestly examined, however, is that those very entities are now working with breakneck speed to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which would make artificial intelligence, automation, mass electronic surveillance, and transhumanism central to human society. 

"One of the architects of this 'revolution,' Klaus Schwab, said earlier this year that rebuilding and maintaining trust with the public was critical to that project. 

"However, were the true nature of Silicon Valley, including its significant ties to serial child rapist and sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein and his network, to emerge, the public's trust would be significantly eroded, thus threatening what the global oligarchy views as a project critical to its survival." 



At 23 November 2021 at 06:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Agents and informants

'The relationship between the CIA and the US press was formed during the Cold War."

The precursor to Operation Mockingbird?


At 23 November 2021 at 15:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'COVID vaccines for kids are unnecessary – and may kill them'


Belgium: "Doctor suspected of having falsified around 2,000" corona passes for unvaccinated people

'Health authorities started to become suspicious after the doctor started registering an abnormally large number of people from all over as having been vaccinated at all hours of the day and night."



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