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Isabel Maxwell, sister of Ghislaine Maxwell, was married to filmmaker Dale Djerassi.

Dale Djerassi participated in the ‘St. Batman Crucifixion' in Woodside, Calif., in 1994.”

Linked to Jeffrey Epstein is the powerful UK politician Peter Mandelson.

Epstein's Black Book.

Peter Mandelson, who is Jewish, is the son of Mary Morrison and George Mandelson.[9] His father's family were Jewish; his grandfather had founded the Harrow United Synagogue. His father was the advertising manager of The Jewish Chronicle[10] On his mother's side, Mandelson is a grandson of Herbert Morrison,[12] Labour Cabinet Minister in the Attlee ministry.[13]

Peter Mandelson is closely linked to Lord Jacob Rothschild.

Jeffrey Epstein has been linked to Bill Gates.

Former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath and Peter Mandelson.

'Sara Scott published in 2001 a book ‘The Politics and Experience of Ritual Abuse: Beyond Disbelief’ which details many disclosures of SRA including several dozen cases of ‘Brood Mares’, breeding babies for Satanist ritual human sacrifice.

channel 4 dispatches program 'beyond belief' on satanist ritual ...

'Retired Detective Chief Superintendent David Cole referred to the Smith and Hickman case (Telford 1982) a successfully prosecuted SRA case in which Albert and Carole Hickman were convicted. 

'Later they once more received lengthy jail sentences (2015) in a historical SRA case that included ‘sucking blood’ after piercing the victim's finger with a bejewelled knife.

'The late Psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman reported in 2011 about her work with 80+ survivors of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA). 

'Coleman had produced and circulated a list containing the names of people engaged in SRA and various locations used for such abuse.

'This was based on eyewitness testimonies shared with her by numerous SRA survivors. 

'For a name to be placed on that list it had to be identified by at least 2 eyewitnesses who independently corroborated each other. 

'A retired police officer and an academic who featured in the Dispatches program appear on this list.

'Research revealed that a ‘Cult’ baby was born to the victim of convicted Satanist High Priest Colin Batley (2011).

'Also in Wales disgraced Lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced (2013) to 35 years in prison for a string of child sex offences including the attempted rape of a baby in a Satanist context.

At least 10 SRA cases have been successfully prosecuted in Britain:

Furthermore, there is now official, public acknowledgement of the existence of SRA in the
UK by the UK’s largest and oldest police force, the Metropolitan Police Service: -scott-1994-report-on-the-channel-4-dispatches-documentary-on-sra.pdf
References t-wales-30941013 hickman-telford/

channel 4 dispatches program 'beyond belief' on satanist ritual ...

Peter Mandelson Timeline 

*Lambeth Council ... Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell ... Lynn Forester ... NSPCC ... TerraMar ... Lord Janner ... Edward Heath ... Isle of Wight ... Dr Joan Coleman ... Runaway boy Kevin ... Operation Ore ... Kevin Spacey ... Old Vic 

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Is anbody involved with SRA not jevvish?


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