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'Daddy, I've had a past life!' Parents share stories of children who claim they've been reincarnated - from a boy who says he was a soldier to a girl who claims she died in a car crash - comments

Twisticles, Wales, United Kingdom

One of my earliest "memories" is being livid, screaming and protesting very strongly to someone that I didn't want to be born "to go through all that again..." The next thing I remembered was clearly seeing the slate roof of a grey stone Edwardian looking building coming towards me and years later I found out that the hospital maternity wing where I was born had a beautiful slate roof.

JohnFF, Northampton, United Kingdom

If you consider that the sum total of our bodies are assembled from just two cells with a genetic code inplanted within them, it does not surprise me that memories are passed on at the same time. For me, I have an encycopediac knowledge of medicine and although I have never studied medicine, I have a "picture in my head" of how the entire body works. I have always put it down to the fact that my grandfather was a doctor.

Good ol gal, Leicester, United Kingdom

When I was 20 I had two vivid dreams on consecutive nights...  I have researched the clothing, furnishings, etc I saw in the dreams and I think it was about 1900. That was nearly 50 years ago and I am still convinced they were past life memories.

M Haymar, Oxford, United Kingdom

"God wants us to know something, but if we don't do it, we have to do our life again. . You have to live a lot of lives before you get it right."  - Elhadji - seven year old boy.

klp86, Devon, United Kingdom

My little girl (2nd born) said to me when she was around 2.5 - "Mummy when I was a boy...

My son (1st born) I feel like I have known forever it's the weirdest thing. From the moment he was born I have felt we have been together before and are together again. I don't get that feeling with my other kids. He is the soul of someone I have previously loved. 

TW, Cornwall, United Kingdom

My daughter is now 5 and I swear she's been here before. 

Last year we were listening to a random playlist on Spotify, and a song came on that I know that she'd never heard before (Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival). She stopped what she was doing and sat intently listening to the song with a strange look on her face. When it finished, she asked to listen to it again, which I obliged. Then again... And again. 

I asked her why she liked it so much, and she replied that she remembered dancing to it at her 21st birthday party. My daughter doesn't know anyone that has ever turned 21, so would have no idea that 21 is a special birthday. She's said other things too, but this is the one that really sticks out for me.

ellamy, St Helens , United Kingdom

Bit sad really if we are reincarnated. I was hoping to reunite with my parents up there (if there is an up there as who really knows?!), but they'll both be busy living their next lives so we will never meet up again. Then by the time my kids pass I'll be in my next life too. :D

Try_me, local, Australia, 24 hours ago

Actually your soul can be in more places than just one. So whilst they are living another life, they can also be waiting for you when you die. They can live many lives at once, like we all are now.

OhEngland, Bournemouth Dorset, United Kingdom

I had a little four years old friend when I was six and she suddenly popped up out of long grass across the road from my house. I played hide and seek with her for a while and then my gran came outside and called me back in for tea. She was puzzled by my movements in the grass and asked me what I was doing. 

When I told her I'd been playing with this girl, she was shocked because she had died two days ago suddenly. I didn't really understand death then and it wasn't until a few years later that I realised why it was strange. If that was a ghost, she was very happy and I wish I had been able to tell her mother she was ok on the other side.

Nevermind, United Kingdom

I remember when I was about 8/9 I was in the local youth club in the summer waiting on the grass for my turn to play on the trampoline when a man dressed in 60s clothing and 60s kind of sunglasses appeared next to me sitting down and asked me how my family was.

This was in the 1998 so he definitely was out of character but I wasn't scared, I said they're fine thanks and he said, but how's your dad? I remember saying he's ok, and he said will you tell him I was asking about him, I just nodded then it was my turn on the trampoline. 

Fast forward about five years ago my dad pulled out this picture & my jaw hit the floor. It was his brother, my uncle mick. He was ran over when he was 20 something, before I was born, his hair exactly how I remembered, wearing the same sunglasses and clothes. 

When I told my dad that's the man I told you about when I was a kid, he was dumbfounded.

Sunny-3UK, Garden of England, United Kingdom

When my dad died, a few months later whilst sat watching tv a light was flying round the room. I turned off the tv, turned my ring over and turned my phone over. The light would come around my shoulders and glide around the room again. No hadn't been drinking and do believe the was a visit from my dad. The same thing happened to my sister who hadn't spoken to my dad for 20 years. It was scary at the time and I just watched the light in silence. It hasn't happened since but I truly believe it was a spiritual orb. There's no other explanation.

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