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New York photographer Diana Mara Henry covered the future Lady de Rothschid's second wedding in 1983 - to the prominent New York politician Andrew Stein. 

This was to be Lynn Forester's first Jewish wedding. (Her second would take place 17 years later, ten months prior to the 9-11 atrocity, to Evelyn de Rothschild. 

There to witness it at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in London were Peter Mandelson and the Duke of York.) 

Lynn Forester's 1983 wedding to Andrew Stein was officiated by Rabbi Ronald Sobel, and career child trafficker and pedophile ROY COHN was one of the happy couple's wedding guests. 

In what may be a complete coincidence, the future Lady de Rothschild has also 'enjoyed' documented close relationships with *other* alleged career child traffickers and pedophiles. Namely, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Lady de Rothschild is also a friend and colleague of Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean holiday partner, Lord Mandelson, and the Clintons. ("Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States (1993–2001), has been publicly accused of sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct by four women".) 

Quite what Lady de Rothschild - an apparent Christian Zionist whose current husband devotes vast sums of money to Israeli state interests - saw in Roy Cohn, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Peter Mandelson, and the Clintons is a mystery. 

Lynn de Rothschild.


Roy Cohn was Donald Trump's "mentor". 

"In July 2020 Village published a detailed and lengthy expose of Cohn's trafficking of a young boy from Kincora Boys Home in Belfast to Venice, Italy, in the 1970s ... 

"The revelation that Cohn was involved in paedophile rings was not a new disclosure. In 1992 John W De Camp published a book called 'The Franklin Cover-Up' in which he described a number of child abuse rings in the US including one which furnished children to political VIPs run by the CIA. 

Roy Cohn.

"In the 2006 edition at page 179 the author described the role of Robert Gray, a child trafficker from the Watergate era. Gray and a CIA agent called Edwin Wilson were involved in blackmail operations which exploited vulnerable children. 

"According to the former CIA officer and whistleblower, Frank Terpil, CIA blackmailing operations involving paedophiles were intensive in Washington at the time of the Watergate scandal. Wilson ran one of them ... 

"According to De Camp, the blackmail operation had been set up by Roy Cohn. He quotes the former head of the vice squad for one of America's biggest cities who told him that: 

"'Say you had an admiral, general, congressmen, who did not want to go along with the programme, Cohn's job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself.' 

"This revelation helps makes sense of Cohn’s exploitation of the boy from Kincora. 

"The latter home was part of a paedophile network reportedly exploited by MI5 and MI6 for a variety of nefarious reasons including the collection of ‘compromat’ and blackmail material. 

"MI5, MI6 and the CIA were and remain allies. There was probably co-ordination of all sorts of blackmail operations during the Cold War to control politicians and senior NATO military figures. 

"Enoch Powell MP, who ran against Ted Heath for the leadership of the Tory Party in 1966, was highly critical of NATO. That might explain why he was supplied with a boy from Wiliamson House in the 1970s while he served as a Unionist MP at Westminster ... 

"All of this raises the strong possibility that the CIA has files on MI5 and MI6 operations in NATO member states that involved the exploitation of children, including [in] the UK ...

" "The publication of De Camp's book in 1992 also raises the strong possibility that Trump has known about Cohn's role as a child trafficker for decades." 

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At 14 July 2021 at 19:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI Andrea Davison sought refuge with Julian in the Ecuadorian Embassy. How is it she 'escaped' and he did not. A link well worth keeping...

At 15 July 2021 at 07:25 , Blogger lastella michele said...

Simple, all the Assange case has been managed by Mossad. Assange is a mosssd staged operation.

At 15 July 2021 at 09:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donald Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, was a paedophile who abused boys on both sides of the Atlantic, including one from Kincora Boys’ Home, Richard Kerr, whom he selected in Belfast and had taken to him in Venice for sexual abuse.

At 15 July 2021 at 09:31 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Quite "seeded information" benefiting you know who :)


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