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Opposition leader Boulos.

The leader of Haiti’s opposition hired a Washington DC lobbyist two days before Haiti’s president was assassinated.

Pierre Reginald Boulos signed up Art Estopinan to push his interests on Capitol Hill on Monday – some 48 hours before President Jovenel Moïse was killed.

Boulos – a wealthy financier and former medical doctor - leads the MTVAyiti party.

Boulos was a top supporter of the coups in 1991 and 2004 against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by US, Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy

The Boulos family is one of the wealthiest in Haiti and owns a pharmaceutical company that, in 1996, was responsible for poisoning scores of children with its tainted fever medicine, some fatally.
Solages - suspect in the murder of the president.

The Haitian Times reported that James Solages used to work as a security guard for Reginald Boulos.

“Solage’s employment by Boulos and centrality to the operation appears to confirm the growing popular consensus in Haiti that this controversial merchant-turned-politician was the principal backer of Moïse’s assassination,” explained journalist Kim Ives, continuing:

"A lot of factors have been pointing to his involvement: The arrival of the mercenaries in nine brand new Nissan Patrol vehicles without license plates suggests that they were vehicles coming from the Nissan dealership owned by Reginald Boulos. 

"The Haitian people have already concluded that Boulous was behind the assassination and have dechoukéed [uprooted] the dealership, Automeca, that he owned."

 Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by US, Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy

Claude Joseph is in a struggle against Dr. Ariel Henry to head Haiti.

Joseph is an asset of the United States and its regime-change arm, the National Endowment For Democracy. 

Wikileaks cables revealed that he first came to prominence in 2003 as the leader of a NED-spawned student front called GRAFNEH in the lead up to the coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. 

He also founded another NED-funded anti-Aristide group Initiative Citoyenne (Citizens’ Initiative). 

He is reported by Haitian radio stations to have been one of the principal assailants who severely beat the late Father Gérard Jean-Juste in a Pétionville church in 2005.

Left - Jean Laguel Civil, President Moïse's security coordinator.

Dimitri Hérard 

Dimitri Hérard was head of the General Security Unit of the National Palace.

Dimitri Herard is under investigation by the United States government for arms trafficking.


'In 1990, Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected president of Haiti-in the first democratic elections the nation had seen.

'But in 1991 he was deposed in a military coup.

'Britain’s The Independent newspaper reported Oct. 14, 1991 that about 2,000 Uzi and Galil machine-guns from Israel were sent to Haiti in the weeks prior to the coup-with diplomats claiming the weapons went to military units especially loyal to the coup-plotters.

'According to an Aug. 1, 2005 report in Jane’s Intelligence Review, weapons of Israeli origin were being smuggled through Florida and ending up with armed gangs in Port-au-Prince...'

Israel not always a force for good in Haiti

Gilbert Bigio is a Haitian billionaire and retired businessman.

Gilbert Bigio, a Syrian Jew and honorary consul for Israel in Haiti is the wealthiest man in Haiti.

Gilbert Bigio is the founder of GB Group. He is also the de facto leader of Haiti's Jewish community and an honorary consul to Israel.[1][2][3]

US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft and President Moïse in 2020

'Steven Benoit, a prominent opposition politician and former senator, told the local radio station Magik9: “The president was assassinated by his own guards, not by the Colombians.”

Doubts raised about who was behind the assassination of Haiti’s president

President Moise was reportedly killed at 1 am.

'The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo claimed a source had told it that security footage from the presidential compound showed the Colombian operatives arriving there at between 2.30 and 2.40am on Wednesday. 

“That means they arrived one and a half hours after the crime against the president,” the source was quoted as saying.


'Paul Raymond, a 41-year-old schoolteacher from Port-au-Prince, said he was convinced the president had been betrayed by members of his own security team, who have reportedly been summoned to explain why they failed to protect him. 

'“This was planned by people who know him and people who know the house,” Raymond claimed, voicing bewilderment that none of Moïse’s bodyguards were reportedly injured during the assault. “Not even his dogs!” Raymond added.

Haiti is asking the U.S. to send military forces

CIA Director Arrives in Colombia to Lead ‘Sensitive Security Mission’—Venezuela on Alert

Unknown commented -

'Reportedly, Joe Biden and U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Michele Sison knew FULL WELL that Jovenel Moise and his predecessor Michele Martelly, via fraudulent U.S.-shepherded counting, had had their vote tallies tilted AWAY from the opposition LAVALAS-party candidates.'

Manuel Grosso Guarín above left.

'A month before being arrested for the murder of the Haitian president, Manuel Grosso Guarín was very active on his social networks, to which he uploaded photographs in the Dominican Republic. 

'Colombia's defence minister, Diego Molano, confirmed that six of the suspects were former soldiers and that he had ordered police and military officials to help the Haitians investigate.

'One was identified by Colombian newspaper El Tiempo as Manuel Antonio Grosso Guarín, a former member of the army's elite urban anti-terror special forces unit.

'Guarin flew to the Dominican resort of Punta Cana on June 4 with at least three other Colombian ex-forces men before crossing the frontier into Haiti two days later, the paper reported, citing a secret report given to the Haitians.

'He appears to have found time for sight-seeing in Dominican before the raid on the presidential residence, with photos from his Facebook showing pictures outside landmarks including the National Palace in the capital, Santo Domingo.'

'Gang warlord' Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier - 'note the Masonic symbol hanging on his necklace.'

What’s Behind The Assassination Of Haitian President Moïses?

'Moïse was an extremely unpopular figure who had overstayed his term as president as was ruling by decree. 

'Mass protests against his rule and corruption have coalesced into a revolutionary movement led by former police officer Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier. 

'Cherizier has managed to unite nine gangs into a single movement aimed at redistributing wealth amassed by the country’s wealthy minority.'


Under the constitution, Haiti's chief justice René Sylvestre would normally take charge after the President's death - but he died of coronavirus two weeks ago.

How did Taiwan become embroiled in Haiti’s political crisis?

Haitian police have identified James Solages and Joseph Vincent as two US citizens suspected of involvement in the assassination of Jovenel Moise the President of Haiti.

Haiti assassination: Two Americans arrested ... - Daily Mail

Solages is the president of the board of directors of Jacmel First, a charity founded in south Florida in 2019.

The charity focuses on 'ending childhood hunger in Haiti including through education'.

Solages' biography describes him as an ex-guard for the Canadian embassy in Haiti, and a 'certified diplomatic agent'.

James Solages, 35, and Joseph Vincent, both US citizens of Haitian descent, were arrested along with 15 Colombian nationals.

Solanges, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, claims to be a former bodyguard at Canada's embassy in Haiti. Vincent lives in the Miami area. Both men were born in Haiti, officials said.

The home of the assassinated President of Haiti.
When Haitian journalist Robenson Geffrard tweeted, the responses expressed skepticim about the police version of events.

'Many wondered how the sophisticated attackers described by police could penetrate Moïse's home, security detail and panic room and then escape unharmed but were then caught without planning a successful getaway.'

Claude Joseph holds a doctorate in public policy from The New School in New York, and worked as a university professor in the United States. He has taught at the University of Connecticut and Long Island University.[5]

Moise's assassination came just one day after President Moise named Ariel Henry as the new prime minister, taking over from Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

Ariel Henry

'However, Joseph assumed sole power of the embattled country, declaring a 'state of siege' granting him absolute authority and the two men have given somewhat conflicting accounts over who should rightfully be in power.

'Joseph on Thursday said he had spoken with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and asked the US for 'technical support' to help Haiti hold elections in the coming days while the White House also called for Haiti to hold an election this year.

President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, assassinated on 7 July 2021.

The Miami Herald reported that the assassins claimed to be US Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

In videos recorded by residents of the neighborhood, a man with an American accent can be heard shouting via a megaphone, “DEA operation. Everybody stand down. DEA operation. Everybody back up, stand down.”


Millionaire Moise.

Jimmy Chérizier ... 'note the Masonic symbol hanging on his necklace.'

Unknown comments -  

'And now a coup has taken place, Haiti's President Jovenel Moïse killed.

'Gang warlord, Jimmy 'Barbecue' Chérizier, is perhaps the most powerful person in Haiti at the moment ... leading a 'revolution' 


'Haiti has been a massive venue for mis-use of billions Which have allegedly heavily involved Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation ... 


'Even the BBC covered this 

'Was Haiti's President, in power since 2017, killed because he knew too much about mis-use of Haiti 'aid funds' over the past decade? 


"The bulk of money went to UN agencies, international aid groups, private contractors and donor countries' own civilian and military agencies" 

"Clinton-backed projects have helped global investors more than they have benefited poverty-stricken Haitians"


Also - 'Sex trafficking of Haitian kids exploding'

Haiti's Horrendous Teenage Prostitution Problem 

Unknown commented - 

'Haiti was also tragically a major site for United Nations 'peacekeepers' having sex with children as young as age 12, leaving perhaps hundreds of babies of single mothers abandoned behind them.

"In Haiti, peacekeepers exploited children in a sex ring from 2004 to 2007, according to an internal U.N. report. The men who came from a far-away place and spoke a strange language offered Haitian children cookies and other snacks. Sometimes they gave them a few dollars. 

'But the price was high: Peacekeepers wanted sex from girls and boys as young as 12. The children in Haiti were passed around from soldier to soldier. 

'A girl, known as Victim No. 1 told U.N. investigators that over the next three years, from ages 12 to 15, she had sex with nearly 50 peacekeepers, including a 'Commandant' who gave her 75 cents.

'Investigation of U.N. missions during the past 12 years found nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers and other personnel around the world"

JANUARY 16, 2010


Aristide and Clinton

Haiti means cocaine.

Elements of the Obama regime allegedly had links to the drugs gangsters in Haiti.

(Haiti )

The Obama regime reportedly turned a blind eye to the political activities of the Haitian drugs gangsters and a political party linked to drugs.

The Obama regime supported the idea of banning the good guys, the anti-drugs Fanmi Lavalas party of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, from taking part in elections. (Haiti )

Aristide exposed the bad guys involved in the drugs trade.

He sought to raise the minimum wage in Haiti.

He fought against the imposition by the World Bank and the IMF of the privatization of public enterprises.

He tried to protect Haitian farmers and other producers against subsidized imports from the United States. 

On 19 December 2009, there was a meeting of the 'bad guys', the Front for National Reconstruction (FRN), at a hotel in Port au Prince. 

(Indicted Paramilitary Leader Holds Meeting in Haiti)

The FRN helped oust Aristide in a CIA backed coup in 2004.

The FRN is led by Guy Philippe who was indicted in 2005 for conspiring to import cocaine into the United States and money laundering.

Port Au Prince.

Philippe remains on a wanted list of the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Philippe escaped from a high-profile DEA raid in July 2007.

Philippe openly held an FRN meeting in the capital and the DEA stayed away.

How might the Obama regime have protected the drugs trade in Haiti?

On 15 January 2010, Michel Chossudovsky, at Global Research, had an article entitled 'The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?'

'The US will be sending nine to ten thousand troops to Haiti, including 2000 marines.

'This decision was made unilaterally by Washington.

'US Air Force already controls the Airport.

'Haiti has been under foreign military occupation since the US organised 2004 Coup d'Etat.

'In the months leading up to the 2004 Coup, US special forces and the CIA were training death squadrons composed of the former tonton macoute of the Duvalier era.

"This renewed US military presence in Haiti will be used to establish a foothold in the country as well pursue America's strategic and geopolitical objectives in the Caribbean basin, which are largely directed against Cuba and Venezuela."

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At 8 July 2021 at 02:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haiti was also tragically a major site for United Nations 'peacekeepers' having sex with children as young as age 12, leaving perhaps hundreds of babies of single mothers abandoned behind them

"In Haiti, peacekeepers exploited children in a sex ring from 2004 to 2007, according to an internal U.N. report.

The men who came from a far-away place and spoke a strange language offered Haitian children cookies and other snacks. Sometimes they gave them a few dollars. But the price was high: Peacekeepers wanted sex from girls and boys as young as 12.

The children in Haiti were passed around from soldier to soldier.

A girl, known as Victim No. 1 told U.N. investigators that over the next three years, from ages 12 to 15, she had sex with nearly 50 peacekeepers, including a 'Commandant' who gave her 75 cents.

Investigation of U.N. missions during the past 12 years found nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers and other personnel around the world"

At 8 July 2021 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 July 2021 at 14:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far there is no proof of an assassination. Where is the body? Don't you find it strange that a President had absolutely no guards, agents or military surrounding him for protection? 'Reports' without proof is a lie.

At 8 July 2021 at 17:17 , Blogger Mishko said...

"...a powerful new documentary film, shot in the wake of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, which explores the advocacy and activism of Sean Penn."

Him and Wyclef Jean (aka Will I Am) took care of the
celebrity assist to the powers that siphoned funds from,
and outright robbed & pillaged Haiti.

At 8 July 2021 at 18:01 , Blogger Mishko said...

A musical intermezzo:
We Are The World 25 For Haiti.

At 8 July 2021 at 23:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wyclef Jean and Will I Am are not the same person.

At 9 July 2021 at 04:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 July 2021 at 10:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 July 2021 at 10:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 July 2021 at 23:04 , Blogger Anon said...

Unknown commented on "HAITI - HAVOC"

10 hours ago

Haiti's morbidly corrupt national police have botched the Moise assassination "investigation" from the outset.

Interesting to note:

1.) Jovenel Moise's presidency was never for even one moment legitimate.

2.) Reportedly, Joe Biden & U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Michele Sison knew FULL WELL that Jovenel "Bananaman" Moise and his k-k-kom-pa-crooning predecessor Michele "Sweet Mickey" Martelly had had their vote tallies tilted AWAY via fraudulent U.S.-shepherded counting of the district tallies, from the victorious LAVALAS-party candidates to pad the way for 'these two degenerate criminals'.

I NEVER supported the socialist-aligned Fanmi Lavalas party of defrocked and twice deposed 'twerp' Jean Bertrand Aristide, but I believe that the Haitian people had the right to have their will expressed at the ballot box, and Cheryl Mills, 'Hitlery Klepton' et al saw to it that THAT was never gonna happen.

The irony of k-k-krybaby racist Americans having the NERVE to whimper about Russian meddling in our elections takes the Fing cake, when any idiot can read in the WIKI-LEAKED U>S> State Department MEMOS how the U.S. plugged Jovenel Moise into power.

Jovenel Moise and his wife were allegedly instrumental criminal instigators, authors/planners of the La Saline MASSACRE.

Jovenel Moise went through 4 prime ministers. He engineered the firing of Prime Minister Ceant when the latter accused Moise of the hiring of a half-dozen foreign mercenaries to rob Haiti's Central Bank.

3.) The current "pwetender" to Haiti's pwesidency, Claude Joseph, relieved of his duties by Moise shortly before the operation, is but one of these Moise-appointed 'toady' superseded Prime Ministers, and he has steadfastly REFUSED to relinquish his 'ILLEGITIMATE, ill-gotten' power, and has, of course, himself not yet been ruled out as an obvious suspect in what may have been a coup attempt to topple the 'sicario-employing' "Bananaman".

At 10 July 2021 at 08:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 July 2021 at 09:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 July 2021 at 12:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was looking into how the idea of the 'Illuminati', as 'ruling cabal of the world', became propagated -

Esp. curious is that 'Illuminati' talk was long promoted by reactionary, even directly fascist parties

Some feel the 'Illuminati' idea is intended as self-discrediting distraction from whoever is really running things

Related is the amount of Jewish people in leadership in politics, media, finance etc - some wonder if the 'Illuminati' notion, distracts from this

Jewish-heritage Henry Makow tends to speak of a ruling elite made of several components - some Jews, some Freemasons, some Satanists, serving top oligarchy

Makow says that Jews are often 2nd tier, not top tier ... e.g., USA billionaires are 60% gentile, so it seems at most there is a 'deal' between top elites & some elite Jews

Short history -

Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811), teaching law at Jesuit school in Bavaria, founds secret 'progressive, anti-church' society of Illuminati in 1776, officially shut down by Bavarian authorities in 1785

Weishaupt & followers sought power via penetrating Masonic lodges, & some say this still goes on

Weishaupt said to have met / been funded by Rothschilds of Frankfurt ... but direct evidence seems meagre

Weishaupt & Rothschilds also commonly linked - tho again, direct evidence is meagre - to Polish-Jewish Sabbatean 'false messiah' Jacob Frank (1726-1791), also said to have run a 'secret society', of Jews pretending to 'convert to Catholicism' & much more, 'Frankism' also said to be continuing in elite Jewry

French Revolution, 1789 - Abbé Augustin Barruel (1741-1820), French Jesuit priest, takes refuge in England, denounces French Revolution as Masonic / Illuminati / devil's work

Scottish scientist, longtime Freemason, & opium user John Robison (1739-1805) writes big hit 1797 book 'Proofs of Conspiracy against All Religions & Governments of Europe', makes famous the idea of secret Illuminati-Masonic cells trying to control the world

William Pitt UK government encourages these ideas to discredit & demonise France, also to distract from popular Republican ideas of Thomas Paine ... Illuminati-Masonic conspiracy idea sweeps across Europe & even USA, often serving more conservative political groups

'Illuminati' ideas today derive much from 2 UK-born authors, who then lead directly into Alex Jones, David Icke, etc:

Nesta Webster (1876-1960) née Bevan, daughter of a senior partner of Barclay's Bank, & for a time linked to UK intelligence services, hugely popularised the 'Illuminati' conspiracy idea in several books after World War I, heightening Jewish themes in it - she wins public praise from Winston Churchill in 1920 in his essay on 'Jewish Bolshevism'.

Webster saw the Illuminati as including forces that were Jewish but also 'pan-Germanic', & "castigated Jews as being dupes of Pan-Germanism" (!). She advocated literal fascism in Britain, & only stopped supporting Hitler after his pact with Stalin.

The 'Illuminati' theme was also heavily promoted by UK-born Canadian Navy veteran William Guy Carr (1895-1959), as part of a quite far-right 'Christian' agenda, the ideas of Webster & Carr then taken up by many others.

At 10 July 2021 at 13:42 , Blogger Noor al Haqiqa said...
Cherisier, major Masonic necklace

At 10 July 2021 at 13:44 , Blogger Noor al Haqiqa said...
Cherizier Masonic

At 10 July 2021 at 15:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genuine question. WTF is so interesting about Haiti?

An impoverished Caribbean back water, little-to-no infrastructure yet despite its obscurity keeps resurfacing.

Zombies, Clinton's, The UN, French, US, child trafficking and military coup after coup.

What is the real interest here. Just though I'd ask.

At 11 July 2021 at 03:47 , Anonymous Susie said...

Haiti is incredibly rich and steeped in biblical relevancy.

At 11 July 2021 at 10:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Makes sense now. Politics, money etc is one thing.

The prophecy angle makes much more sense.

They have infinity money and massive influence and power. The Biblical angle just makes much more sense.

At 15 July 2021 at 10:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever the flaws of late Haitian President Jovenel Moïse -
the below is also verified about him

In May of 2021, Moïse's government rejected its first shipment of covid 'vaccines', these of AstraZeneca, citing concerns about side effects

On 5 July 2021, an article appeared in the 'New Humanitarian', speaking of the above, and complaining that "Haiti is one of a handful of countries that have not begun vaccination programmes".

Within 48 hours, Jovenel Moïse was shot to death, in the early morning of 7 July 2021


In May of 2020 Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza expelled officials of the WHO World Health Organisation, refusing their demands regarding 'covid-19'

8 June 2020, Pierre Nkurunziza suddenly died at age 55 of 'heart attack'


Tanzania President John Magufuli was one of the world's most colourful covid sceptics, calling the covid 'tests' a "dirty game", and famously sending out covid tests which were swabbed upon fruit and animals, who all 'tested positive'

17 March 2021, John Magufuli suddenly died at age 61 of 'heart complications'


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko denounced fear of covid as a 'psychosis', and spoke of being offered hundreds of millions in bribes if he would go along with the covid - vaccine programmes

Belarus was then heavily targeted for 'regime change', and forced into greater dependency on Russia, under 'zero serious vaccine complications' claimer Vladimir Putin


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