Saturday 15 May 2021

Killing Gaza

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"Sir Keir's team appears to be putting its hopes on KIM LEADBETTER, sister of murdered MP Jo Cox [nee Leadbetter] who previously held the seat, standing for the party and preventing the Tories inflicting another historic by-election defeat. Ms Leadbeater is the FOUNDER and AMBASSADOR of the JO COX FOUNDATION."

THE JO COX FOUNDATION, of which Kim Leadbetter is the Founder and (until earlier this month) the Ambassador, was established on the basis of monies raised by the JO COX FUND.

The Jo Cox Fund, in turn, was organised by "friends" of Ms Cox, who said they had set up the fundraiser in "close collaboration" with Ms Cox's husband, Brendan Cox.

(Brendan Cox was forced to resign his position as a senior employee of Save the Children following an allegation of sexual assault.)

The four 'friends' were:

Nick Grono (CEO, The Freedom Fund)
Tim Dixon (MD, Purpose)
Mabel van Oranje (Chair, Girls Not Brides)
Gemma Mortensen (Chief Global Officer,

"Two of those four, Nick Grono and Mabel van Oranje, would go on to serve on the board of the Jo Cox Foundation.

"All four 'friends' are deeply connected to some of the most powerful interests in the world, many with nefarious agendas, that have long sought to hijack NGOs and other humanitarian organizations and weaponize them in the service of major political goals, including regime change targeting 'rogue states'"

Kim Leadbettter continues to be the Chair of MORE IN COMMON, of which Brendan Cox was a director until 2018.


Before her apparent 'False Flag' assassination, Jo Cox was a director of the curious BURMA CAMPAIGN UK, whose supporters include Esther Rantzen, and whose patrons include Cyril Smith shielder Sir David Steel; the late Sir John Mortimer whose wife Penny reportedly holidayed in Tuscany with Derek Laud; the indefatigable Lady Helena Kennedy; and the "something-of-the-night-about-him" Lord Michael Howard.


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