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EDWARD SAID and Palestine (1986); ISRAELIS


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What is funny about the EU-USA-Western 'horror' at the deception used to force that flight to land inside Belarus - Is that the EU-USA-Nato have themselves done the same thing twice before. 

First incident - In July 2013, the airplane of Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, was crossing Europe, and was forced to make an emergency landing in Austria, after being denied the right to travel over French, Spanish and Italian airspace. 

Morales, a 'dangerous' critic of the West and also of Israel, had given political asylum to a political refugee from Israel, Reuven Schossen, writing under the name 'Roi Tov', and one of the major online critics of Israel back then. 

The official reason, tho, for harassing Morales, was the absurd claim that 'Edward Snowden' might be on Morales' plane. (Anti-9-11-truth 'Edward Snowden' is more deeply known as a CIA-Mossad faker, helping spread the 'total surveillance, you can't escape' theme, plus the fiction that the CIA-tied New York Times and UK Guardian are 'brave journalists'.) 

After being duly terrorised and returning to Bolivia, Morales became more 'moderate', and withdrew protection for his Israeli refugee Roi Tov / Schossen. 

Roi Tov was denied documents and means of renewing bank access, and in his final posts of August 2014, predicted his own upcoming murder by thugs on Bolivia's streets. 

Roi Tov was never heard from again and is presumed dead. 

Second incident - In 2018, Ukraine's EU-Nato backed President Poroshenko, began planning a scheme to lure Russian 'Wagner' mercenaries with fake job offers in Venezuela, and then capture them when the plane was over Ukraine by having a passenger feign a medical emergency. 

In the July 2020 attempt to carry out the plan, the plane wound up in Belarus instead, where, after some time, the mercenaries were released back to Russia. -- Tho the 'confessions' released with the current imprisoned Belarus dissident Roman Protasevich seem dodgy, Protasevich has a dodgy history of his own. 

In July 2015 he appeared on the cover of the 'Black Sun' magazine of the neo-Nazi-linked Azov battalion fighting on the Nato-Kiev side of the Ukraine-Donbass war
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