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'Joann, a mother of five and a successful businesswoman, collapsed quite suddenly and was diagnosed with an advanced form of multiple sclerosis.

'Joann’s condition went downhill quickly, and she was eventually unable to move her legs.

'When she first came to my workshops, she made only small changes, until one day, the woman who hadn’t moved her legs in years walked around the room, completely unassisted, after just one hour-long meditation!'

Book Synopsis | You Are The Placebo

'A builder stepped on a 15-centimetre long nail. The nail punctured his boot; even the smallest movement was agony. 

'After he was dosed up with some pretty serious narcotics, the team at the hospital was able to extract the nail and lo, “When his boot was removed, a miraculous cure seemed to have taken place,” the British Medical Journal report crowed: the nail had slid between his toes and the foot was entirely uninjured...

'Predictive processing can be responsible for the experience of some pain, but it can also play a big role in relieving it. 

'Perhaps the best evidence for this is in the too-often overlooked therapeutic agent mentioned above, placebo. 

'Placebo – experiencing pain relief or therapeutic benefit based on expectation rather than the ‘real’ treatment intervention – can be powerful.

'Studies show, for example, that patients expecting morphine increase circulation of their own endogenous opioids in advance of delivery of the real thing. 

'Increasingly, other kinds of therapies based on ‘gaming’ this predictive processing system are showing promise.'

'A woman plagued by depression for decades improved dramatically during an antidepressant drug trial, despite the fact that she was in the group receiving a placebo; 

'And a handful of veterans hobbled by osteoarthritis were miraculously cured by fake knee surgery.'

'Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients were able to dramatically improve their symptoms by taking placebos.'

'Laurie, at age 19, was diagnosed with a rare degenerative bone disease that her doctors told her was incurable.

'Although the bones in Laurie’s left leg and hip suffered 12 major fractures over several decades, leaving her dependent on crutches for getting around, today she walks perfectly normally, without even needing a cane.

'Her x-rays show no evidence of any fractures in her bones.'

Book Synopsis | You Are The Placebo

'Michelle healed herself of Parkinson’s disease, and John, a quadriplegic stood up from his wheelchair after a meditation.'

“If you can experience a healing over and over again in the inner world of thoughts and feelings, then in time, that healing should finally manifest as an outer experience. 

"And if you make a thought as real as the experience in the external environment, shouldn’t there be evidence in your body and brain sooner or later? 

"In other words, if you mentally rehearse that unknown future with a clear intention and an elevated emotion, and do it repeatedly, then based on what you’ve learned, you should have real neuroplastic changes in your brain and epigenetic changes in your body.”

The quantum model, which states that all possibilities exist in this present moment, is your key to using the placebo effect for healing, because it gives you permission to choose a new future for yourself and actually observe it into reality.”

'In 1987, Jean-Pierre Bely traveled to Lourdes.

'Years previously, Jean-Pierre had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the body’s central nervous system. He was now confined to a wheelchair.

'But during a service in Lourdes, Jean-Pierre felt something strange.

'“As the priest was giving me unction on the forehead and hands, I had the impression that everything was turning around me,” he said.

'“In a fraction of a second I lost all sense of time and space. God was coming to cure my heart. I was invaded by a powerful feeling of liberation and peace that I had never experienced before.”

'After that experience, Jean-Pierre began to feel a tingling in his legs. A few days later, he took his first unaided steps in years.'

3 Unexplained, Present-Day Miracles | Guideposts

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