Thursday 4 March 2021

Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed


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French billionaire of Jewish heritage Olivier Dassault, born 1951, has died in a helicopter crash

Dassault a key figure in French nationalism, held a conservative seat in the French Parliament, and is a leading controversial and nationalist figure in France's own native military industry

He was part of the core of French opposition to the George Soros globalists (Note that Jewish arch-Zionists, the Netanyahu camp, also oppose Soros, and ally with European nationalists)

Dassault was an inheritor and principal of the military aviation Dassault Group his father founded in 1929, now producing the famed Rafale fighter plane. Dassault's Jewish parents converted to Catholicism.

Dassault was a supporter of Sarkozy who has just been (somewhat mysteriously) sentenced to prison, unlike the typical French sweeping-under-the-rug for major figures, as with Christine Lagarde and the past charges against her

Sarkozy and the Dassaults joined in selling Rafale fighters to India

The Dassault family also owns leading conservative French news media Le Figaro.

Quoted in an article appearing one day before Dassault's death, Dassault executive Eric Trappier boasted of France's ability to go fully independent in terms of major military armaments, against Germany / Nato / EU / Americans

Could the killing of Dassault be a message to the French?

Or was Dassault about to reveal something in revenge for the sentencing to jail of his friend Sarkozy?

Also affecting Dassault - The Belgian Agusta-Dassault bribery scandal of the 1980s-1990s, is thought by some to be linked to the 1991 assassination of Belgian political figure André Cools. "The theory is that Cools, angry at being left out of bribes from Agusta, the Italian helicopter manufacturer, was silenced before he could blow the whistle."

Brother Laurent Dassault has a winery in Argentina in partnership with Benjamin Rothschild who died in January

At 19 March 2021 at 01:59 , Blogger Robert said...

All"news" is fabricated/falsified "news".


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