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Many Lives, Many Masters ... Catherine

From Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss

'THE TRUE STORY of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient and the past-life therapy that changed both of their lives.'

Chapter 9

Each week another layer of neurotic fears and anxieties was stripped away from Catherine. 

Each week she appeared a bit more serene, a bit softer and more patient... 

Catherine's hypnotic regressions spanned millennia. 

In today's session she emerged in the twentieth century, but not as Catherine.

"I see a fuselage and an airstrip, some kind of airstrip," she whispered softly.

 "I'm floating . . . away from my body . I have no body. I am in spirit again."

"What did you learn from that lifetime?"

"I learned about hate . . . senseless killing . . . misdirected hate . . . people who hate and they don't know why . We are driven to it the evil, when we are in physical state. . . "

"Is there a higher duty than duty to the country? 

"Something that could have prevented you from killing? Even if you were ordered? A duty to yourself?"

The original Master Spirit was speaking.

"You must eradicate the fears from their minds. It is a waste of energy when fear is present... 

"It's only on the surface . . . that the troubles lie . Deep within their soul is where the ideas are created...

"Energy . . . everything is energy. So much is wasted... 

"To be in the physical state is abnormal... 

"In the spirit world you have to wait, and then you are renewed. There is a state of renewal . It's a dimension like the other dimensions, and you have almost succeeded in reaching that state. . . . "

If people knew that "life is endless; so we never die ; we were never really born," then this fear would dissolve. 

If they knew that they had lived countless times before and would live countless times again, how reassured they would feel. 

If they knew that spirits were around to help them while they were in physical state and that after death, in spiritual state, they would join these spirits, including their deceased loved ones , how comforted they would be. 

If they knew that guardian "angels" really did exist, how much safer they would feel. 

If they knew that acts of violence and injustices against people did not go un-noted, but had to be repaid in kind in other lifetimes, how much less anger and desire for vengeance they would harbor. 

And if indeed , "by knowledge we approach God," of what use are material possessions, or power ...To be greedy or power-hungry has no value whatsoever.

Catherine stirred and began to whisper . "Someone named Gideon, someone named Gideon . . . Gideon . He's trying to talk to me."

"Good. Are there spirits around us?"

She answered in a whisper , from the perspective of her superconscious mind. 

"Oh , yes . . . many spirits. They only come when they want to."

"Why do we come back to learn ? Why can't we learn as spirits?"

"Those are different levels of learning , and we must learn some of them in the flesh. We must feel the pain . 

"When you're a spirit you feel no pain. It is a period of renewal. Your soul is being renewed..." 

The respected chairman of a major clinical department at my hospital is a man who is admired internationally for his expertise. 

He talks to his deceased father, who has several times protected him from serious danger . 

Another professor has dreams that provide the missing steps or solutions to his complex research experiments. The dreams are invariably correct. 

Another well-known doctor usually knows who is calling him on the phone before he answers it. 

The wife of the Chairman of Psychiatry at a midwestern university has a Ph.D. in psychology. Her research projects are always carefully planned and executed . 

When she first visited Rome, she moved through the city as if she had a road map imprinted in her memory. She unerringly knew what was around the next corner. Although she had never been to Italy previously and did not know the language, Italians repeatedly approached her in Italian , continually mistaking her for a native . 

Chapter 10

A Master Spirit -

"We go through so many stages when we're here. We shed a baby body, go into a child's, from child to an adult , an adult into old age. 

"Why shouldn't we go one step beyond and shed the adult body and go on to a spiritual plane ? That is what we do . We don't just stop growing ; we continue to grow. 

"When we get to the spiritual plane, we keep growing there, too. We go through different stages of development. When we arrive, we're burned out. We have to go through a renewal stage, a learning stage, and a stage of decision. 

"We decide when we want to return, where, and for what reasons... Our body is just a vehicle for us while we're here . It is our soul and our spirit that last forever."

A "new" Master was speaking.

"If we need to come back to work through a relationship, we come back. If we are finished with that, we go on. In spiritual form you can always contact those that are in physical state if you choose to. 

"How do you make contact ? How does the message come through?" To my surprise, Catherine answered. Her whisper was faster and firmer.

"Sometimes you can appear before that person . . . and look the same way you did when you were here. Other times you just make a mental contact."

"What lessons do you need to learn now ? What is the most important thing you can learn during this lifetime so that you can continue to grow and prosper?"

"Trust," she answered quickly. She had known what her principal task was.

"Trust?" I repeated , surprised by the quickness of her retort.

"Yes. I must learn to have faith, but also to trust people. I don't. I think everybody is trying to do evil to me. That makes me stay away from people and situations that I probably shouldn't stay away from . It's keeping me with other people that I should break away from."


At 3 February 2021 at 01:54 , Blogger Kevvingtons said...

A most remarkable book,; the sentiments expressed by the ‘spirit‘ team match those reported by the participants of the Scole Experiments of the spirit team they contacted.

At 3 February 2021 at 10:11 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for your information.

At 3 February 2021 at 13:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A nice lady's final big adventure

With thoughts of Aangirfan

Neighbour and friend, early 80s, had been fighting cancer and various other typical elderly health issues, but was stable and doing ok physically

Like Aangirfan this lady had a generous heart ... and had lived for a time happily in a poor country amongst poor people, whom she found wonderful

Late summer 2020, lockdown Europe ... in my big garden not visible from the street, this lady told me and other friends here, that what she really wanted to do one more time in life, was to go back to that poor country and see those old friends there ... tho doctors were advising, no don't travel, covid and so on

But I and others said, "It's a good time to go! You'll be happier there, rather than here, where people fear to 'violate rules' and visit you ... happiness is of more value than having fancy hospitals nearby" ... the nice lady fussed for a time between what we said, and the doctors

Then, like magic, an old contact of this lady from many years back, suddenly called this lady ... he was a rich man now, and commanded a private aeroplane. He said, 'I have a few days free, I will be in your city within 72 hours, and I can fly you wherever you want to go in my private jet - Where do you want me to take you?'

My friend - her apartment filled with Asian-spiritual-themed art and figures - took this as a sign from heaven. She packed quickly, and flew in the private jet to visit her friends in the poor country. For over four months she stayed there, surrounded by affection and laughter. Internet and even phone in the poor country was spotty, but when messages got through, we knew she was happy.

January 2021 a few weeks ago, she came back. A few days later, on a routine hospital visit, they reported she collapsed. They said she had 'covid'. None of us could visit, we could only leave her small packaged gifts of food, even flowers not allowed in her room. She could only talk on the phone briefly, being often on oxygen.

Yesterday she passed away, they said, after the 'mistake' of spending joyous final months with poor people who cared about her, in a poor country.

But I have smiled along with the tears. It was not a mistake to go see her old friends in a place she loved. She gave herself a fine final time in this life, and she knows from up above that I am writing this now.

At 3 February 2021 at 22:43 , Blogger Anon said...

Then, like magic ...

That is how it is.

Many thanks for your account.

- Aangirfan

At 5 February 2021 at 03:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is no more surprising to be born twice than once," - Voltaire

Reincarnation is no less strange a concept than the nature of "life" and "reality"
- Chris B


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