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'The Nashville bombing raises questions about the Oklahoma City bombing. 

' In 1995 the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up... 

'(Ret.) Brig. General Benton K. Partin, an explosives and ordnance expert, said a truck bomb couldn’t cause steel-reinforced concrete columns to collapse.

'The report proved that the Murrah building blew up from the inside out. 

'Many Americans concluded that the truck bomb was cover for an inside job. McVeigh and Nichols were regarded as patsies who thought they blew up the building, but their role was to direct attention away from those responsible.'

The “gunman was discovered at the scene” by the police as of 1:05 p.m., over three hours after police arrived at the crime scene.


'The FBI has confirmed that Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, died in the Christmas explosion. 

'Human remains found at the scene were a DNA match to Warner, who is thought to have acted alone.' 

Cryptome_org@Cryptome_org· 25 Dec

The Nashville ATT bombed building showing antennas. A major telecomms hub, carefully picked.
Anthony Quinn Warner was named by local media as the person of interest in the Nashville Christmas Day bombing.

He was Nashville resident.


Unknown writes - 

Major false-flag type explosion on Christmas morning 2020 in Nashville Tennessee USA.

IRA-type pre-blast warning via loudspeaker with countdown, reported as being out of an RV recreational vehicle (mobile living unit on wheels, common in that region)

The blast vehicle.

Media highlighting that radiation monitors have been set up, raising talk of 'dirty bomb' combining nuclear material and conventional explosives.

People reported vomiting, firefighters having trouble breathing.

Buildings damaged including one belonging to AT&T, major US phone company linked to NSA National Security Agency.

Nashville long considered an NSA (National Security Agency) centre.

It is one of the major cities routing and switching phone calls in the USA.

Vxchange data centre for major companies also in area.

Nashville area is a major home to Kurdish immigrants.

Seems to involve extensive organisation, planning and resources. Federal agents already on scene in charge of 'investigation'


Unknown replied -

Nashville mayor John Cooper cackling and laughing uncontrollably on camera when asked about the explosion, 

On 22 June 2020 the Nashville Tennessean, the state's biggest newspaper, published an ad from a right-winger claiming 'Islam is going to detonate a nuclear device in Nashville'

Major communications shutdown resulted from the blast, affecting several states, closing down the Nashville airport, even affecting military bases ... major government operations were affected ... 

It may be a warning as to how easily USA grid can go down.

Explosion was perhaps a direct hit on the local Nashville NSA centre. 

Maybe a warning shot in civil war within us government between factions, CIA vs NSA? 

There is a view that the NSA is against 'crude, sloppy' CIA events involving public deception, such as 9-11 and the Julian Assange / Edward Snowden frauds. 

CIA tied more to Soros, colour revolutions etc, the NSA more Likud / Netanyahu / Trump 

Snowden was in part CIA attacking & trying to de-fund NSA, Snowden anti-9-11-truth (CIA) but complaining about 'surveillance' (anti-NSA) 

CIA is angry Trump did not 'pardon' their agents Assange / Snowden ... 

Trump team seeing CIA as maybe helping Biden-Harris with vote fraud -- 

Hours before the blast, a 4chan poster began a 'Merry Christmas Anons' thread, with an enigmatic photo showing computer drives tagged as being 'wiped', and an item that was in a Melania Trump video 

Note how the blast 'wiped' communications and perhaps destroyed data - and that the Biden election fraud issue also involves wiping data 

The item in pic is a domino game piece that was used prominently in a Melania Trump Christmas video ... and then the poster rubbed in the point by further posting a screenshot from Melania's video 4chan thread here

Photo with 'wiped' computer drives and 11/6 domino piece in large format 

Melania video here - note same 11/6 domino piece as vid starts --- 

This may be related - US Vice President Mike Pence said to be ready to use his powers 6 January to give Trump the election win 

Vice President Mike Pence is visibly on fire re election fraud, clip below 

He is, per the US Constitution, in charge of counting and accepting the votes of the presidential electors on 6 January 

There are legal memoranda circulating on the internet, some said to be from the White House, interpreting the US Constitution to mean that the Vice President has the authority and obligation to reject presented electoral vote slates by US states, which he believes are the result of fraud 

From 7 states there are two duelling groups of electors, one for Trump, one for Biden 

After creating election-count controvery with electoral slates being rejected, the Constitution then prescribes that the US Congress House picks the new President, voting in blocs by state ... 

And the majority of states are Republican ... Trump will win 

Mike Pence would have maximum information re his highest-level intelligence briefings, regarding China's role with Dominion vote-counting systems etc, which would inform his judgment of fraud in assigning electors

 Mike Pence speaking the other day on the election, 1 minute clip ... he seems quite passionate and confident

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At 26 December 2020 at 02:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Countdown to "Muzzies did it" or "Right wingers/Neo Nazis" did it. Same old, same old....

At 26 December 2020 at 03:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So there's no video footage/CCTV/mobile phone (on Christmas day!)... Of the actual explosion itself?
Beirut, there was plenty of video footage, and they didn't have a clue or no warning was going to happen.
Someone find some video! Dash cams, hotel surveillance... Something!

At 26 December 2020 at 03:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 December 2020 at 03:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 December 2020 at 05:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a correlation.


At 26 December 2020 at 05:25 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Video footage curiosities ...

1) Note the white glare top RHS covering the area of interest ( explosion ). Possibly due to lighting & water / dirt contamination on camera lens.

2) Post explosion this glare is no longer present entire scene visible.

3) Image in colour pre explosion & monochrome post explosion. Possibly due to lower light levels camera has switched to infra-red ...hence monochrome.

4) Total white out of image on explosion seems to last rather longer than what one might expect. Compare with other images of explosions. Camera remains functional.

The period of white out seems too extended has the video been tampered with. Orig' timestamped footage required to determine veracity.

Tank drives over suicide bomber's car before deadly blast

At 26 December 2020 at 05:33 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

CCTV footage is likely to have a frame rate lower than 25-30fps used by TV or professional footage. CCTV is likely to be between 12 and 20 fps ( reduced frame rate saves expensive storage and extends recording retention period ).

Where are the missing frames from Nashville ?

new footage emerges of 1996 Manchester IRA bomb - Daily Mail

At 26 December 2020 at 05:44 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

See Nashville tampered ? footage provided to media and faked error as image returns after 10 whole secs of white out. Now thats a very long slow explosion ????

At 26 December 2020 at 06:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 December 2020 at 06:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 December 2020 at 06:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 December 2020 at 07:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a video of the explosion recorded on Tiktok from down the street

Here is video from a surveillance camera, you can also hear the recorded warning before the explosion goes off

At 26 December 2020 at 07:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to correct the link above to the Melania Trump video tying in to the 4chan post before the blast ... the domino appears at the 14 second mark

At 26 December 2020 at 08:28 , Blogger Rogowskibubba said...

Tennessee paper religious ad claims 'Islam' will detonate nuclear bomb in #NashvilleBomb
(Note: I was wondering during the #COVID19 fear plandemic "where the hell are the muslim terrorists inciting fear on society? Just in time, they are back😂#policestate

This is a great site on hoaxes, bombthreats, idiots, etc 😎

At 26 December 2020 at 10:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long is the flash from the explosion ? 3s but not the 10s in the CCTV footage.

Here is a video of the explosion recorded on Tiktok from down the street

At 26 December 2020 at 11:00 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Such a narrative a precursor to "Iran did it" might perfectly suit a political desperado with a long track record of extreme violence currently facing jail time. Bibi Netanyahu for instance.

Note that a car / truck bomb is almost a hallmark of zionist terrorist types and a warning was commonly given by the IRA prior to detonating bombs.
Many people have wrongly assumed, myself included, that the IRA invented the car bomb in the early 1970’s; in fact it was the Irgun and the Stern gang which first used them in Palestine. The IRA was copying a tactic devised by Zionist groups.

Equally, the Irgun’s tactic of infiltrating bombing teams into Britain by ordering members to join the British services was copied by the IRA in the run up to the 1956-62 campaign when undercover IRA members helped stage significant arms raids on British Army installations.

At 26 December 2020 at 13:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good analysis! A few theories floating around:

Destruction of 2020 election fraud evidence or sabotage of investigation

Fort Knox gold reserves heist like 9/11

Sabotage grand opening of 1st Black Music History Museum via artifacts theft & destruction

At 26 December 2020 at 14:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 December 2020 at 14:36 , Blogger WaffleStaffel said...

Maybe a warning shot in civil war within us government between factions, CIA vs NSA?
Blammo. This doesn't seem to be meant for general public consumption. I haven't seen wall-to-wall coverage plastered across every outlet as with other fake events.

At 26 December 2020 at 15:01 , Blogger WaffleStaffel said...

I guess we have the answer to "why Nashville?" It had to be a suitable target (AT&T) and it had to have a suitable marker (33).

These people communicate to each other out in the open. It doesn't take much brain power to crack the code.

At 26 December 2020 at 15:04 , Blogger WaffleStaffel said...

Some explosions are designed for maximum damage, and some for maximum show. Hollywood explosions use a small explosion and lots of fuel for big fireballs, or lots of magnesium/titanium/whatever powder for a bright flash. The absence of a crater at the blast site indicates this one was for show.

At 26 December 2020 at 15:22 , Blogger Anonymous said...

This may have been a demonstration of what "THEY" have the ability to do....a warning so to speak.
It could have been the Iranians responding to the Jews assassinations in Iran...
But let's get was highly likely that the usual suspects were responsible.
But no one has claimed responsibility....yet.
These are the perils for any country which allows the Jews to take over their country...
Look at Britain....Boris Johnstein as Prime Minister....and before that Theresa May the church goer (yeah right) David Cameronsteen the wealthy offshoot of a Jews banking family.....Major (yes a crypto jew) and Blair the war criminal who has done more than anyone else to transform Britain into a frightening Orwellian nightmare.....and given a 24/7 security team because of the constant threats against his life.

At 26 December 2020 at 15:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Epstein escaped justice?

Sayeret Matkal (Unit 262)
The General Staff Reconnaissance Unit. Gathers strategic intelligence behind enemy lines. Deep reconnaissance. Hostage rescue. Commando operations. Conducted Operation Thunderbolt also known as Operation Entebbe. Wear red berets in dress uniform.

How Nashville RV bombing occurred?

Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS)
Also known as Katlanit. Can be mounted on vehicles or on pillboxes and bunkers. Uses mostly machine guns, but also has a 40mm grenade launcher configuration. The Samson RCWS is deployed on concrete pillboxes along the border with Gaza. Operated remotely.

How 9/11 occurred?

Sayeret Duvdevan
Wear Arab clothes and drive modified civilian vehicles. Conduct raids, assassinations, and kidnappings. Similar to YAMAM, but military. Wear red berets in dress uniform.

Not to be confused with Yanmam. YAMAM is an acronym for Special Police Unit. Conduct hostage rescue operations. Do undercover operations. SWAT team duties. Members often dress as Arabs and many are fluent in Arabic. Charged with infiltrating militant Arab organizations.

How war between 🇮🇱 mafia Trump & CIA Biden is waged?

Intelligence Agencies:

Shin Bet (aka General Security Services or Shabak)

Mossad or ha Mossad le Modin ule Tafkidim Meyuhadim (The Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks)
Kidon (Bayonet) assassination teams. Also conduct kidnapping operations.

How US govt tech/infrastructure is compromised?

Unit 8200 (Shmone Matayim)
Signal intelligence. Many israeli tech companies are connected to Unit 8200.

How “normalization” with 🇮🇱 is enforced?

Special Weapons:

Believed to have between 200-400 nuclear warheads.

Soreq nuclear research center
Negev nuclear research center near Dimona.

Biological weapons
Purchased or jointly developed ethnic specific biological weapons with racist white South African scientists.

israel Military Industries (IMI) state owned
israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) state owned
Soltam (subsidiary of Elbit)
Elta (subsidiary of IAI)
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
israel Weapon Industries (IWI)
israel Shipyards Ltd

Aeronautics Defence Systems

How honey trappers are created?

Many israeli snipers are female.
israel also uses female instructors to train male soldiers. Studies have found that men learn better with a female instructor who is not yelling at them, but talking to the soldiers and encouraging them.

At 26 December 2020 at 17:13 , Blogger WaffleStaffel said...

It was ten years ago the FBI did a Christmas bomb plot in Portland.

At 26 December 2020 at 19:27 , Anonymous Paul said...



At 27 December 2020 at 05:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And as very usual in so many 'terrorist events' the alleged perpetrator is quickly dead, here with the idea so far that he probably died inside of the exploding vehicle

The spin too is that this 63-year-old man Anthony Quinn Warner, was 'conspiracy-minded' about the dangers of 5G ... and so, it is suggested, he decided to try to blow up an AT&T telecom building after reading internet sites on this issue

This man's 'criminal record' turns out to be two drug charges in 1979 back when he was 22 years of age, minor enough he was only put on probation for two years

Authorities also produced an alleged document where he transferred his house to someone else, a young lady to whom he had previously given another house, the relationship unknown, and the lady claiming no knowledge of this ... everything all wrapped up

Even if this man did decide to blow up his own camper, it seems he likely could not have arranged for the massive explosion damage to 41 buildings and the take-down of communications in states as far away as Alabama

At 28 December 2020 at 12:20 , Anonymous gamleboeger said...

You talk like you know he's dead. Do you?

At 29 December 2020 at 05:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the comment is meant to be facetious and is asking rhetorical questions. I think they know the event was a false flag.

At 29 December 2020 at 10:05 , Blogger Robert said...

Fabricated reality.

At 29 December 2020 at 17:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

DNA matched the nashville bomber?then they must have his DNA on file already . do they ?


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