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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. In this video he is describing how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. From the local level all the way to the WHO and many pharma companies in between.


In hospital, Trump coughs nonstop and is covered in sweat?

Americans have traditionally rallied behind a sick President. 

After Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, he won the next election in a landslide.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a polio sufferer confined to a wheelchair, served four terms in office.

If the source is CNN or the BBC or the government it is fake news?

Henry Makow

Eileen De Villa is Medical Officer Of Health City Of Toronto.

Eileen De Villa's salary went up 200% in 3 years

$309,594.73 paid in 2019.

Believing that Trump is not faking it.

Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down Gov. Whitmer's Nanny-State Edicts

Above - Some members of the UK's Healthtech Advisory Board, (Rear) Daniel Korski, Parker Moss, Nicola Blackwood, Nicole Junkermann (Front) Dr Ben Goldacre and Matt Hancock. Daniel Korski is Jewish

Daniel Korski is the intelligence-linked Mastermind behind the UK's Healthtech Advisory Board.

Junkermann has multiple links with Jeffrey Epstein.

"Nicole Junkermann and Daniel Korski, in 2017 and 2018, both began to invest in and focus on mass surveillance technology and future healthcare-related tech with great intensity."

Is the Kosher Nostra linked to the Scamdemic?


In March, Donald Trump proclaimed that “we are at war with an invisible enemy.” 

He also declared, “I’m a wartime president…. This is a different kind of war than we’ve ever had.”

Pandemic Follies: Tyranny Won’t Keep Us safe

Factual evidence collected from all over the world. 

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·1h

Donald Trump helps to keep the scam alive. 

'Trump never called the virus a "hoax" - contrary to several viral social media posts.

'The confusion may have stemmed from rambling remarks back in February, when Trump accused Democrats of "politicising the coronavirus" - then talked about his impeachment, calling it a "hoax" and criticism of his handling of Covid-19 "their new hoax."'

Trump did not call Covid-19 a 'hoax' 



“The Vaccine Should be Tested on Politicians First. If They Survive, the Vaccine Is Safe. If They Don’t, Then the Country Is Safe.”

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·12h

25,000 Catholics including cardinals, bishops, doctors, lawyers say the State of Emergency for COVID is a fraud

Latvia - statue of health worker.

Gallup’s annual poll measuring the public trust in mass media found a record high number of those who have no trust at all.

Six in ten of those polled have have “not very much” trust (27 percent) in the media, while those who have “none at all” hit a record 33 percent.


Unknown commented -

Donald Trump tested positive for covid 33 days out from the election? 

I don’t understand the numbers game, all I know is that 33 is the Freemasons number.


'The UK's Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public - between 1940 and 1979.

'Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.'

Millions were in germ war tests

We have the whole thing! The notorious 2011 article on Bill ... ›


"Literature reviews have confirmed that wearing a mask during surgery has no impact whatsoever on wound infection rates during clean surgery.  A recent 2014 report states categorically that no clinical trials have ever shown that wearing a mask prevents contamination of surgical sites."

"With half the US population reportedly unwilling to submit to an experimental Covid-19 shot, a new scientific paper has shed light on how state health authorities might enforce compliance with vaccine mandates."



"COVID-19 is a label, a classification, a designation, a figment of the imagination - a complete and utter fraud. 

"There is no reason to wear a mask. There is no reason to do any kind of social distancing. There was never any reason to lock down the economy.

"There is no deadly virus - only inaccurate tests and corrupt politicians controlled by global elitists who want to rob and exploit us. Face it folks, you’ve been had, hoodwinked, bamboozled, lied to, conned, duped."

The Pandemic That Never Was

Unknown commented - 

Northerntruthseeker blogger from Canada has been censored/banned. Dark days..... I know he reads this site, hopefully he's okay.


PCR ‘Covid test’ inventor Kary Mullis: ‘With PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody.’ 

This is the ‘test’ that is being used to produce the ‘cases’ to justify fascistic lockdown by finding anything in anybody.

Herland Report: 

"Roughly 60 military officials - including at least four generals - are involved in the leadership of Operation Warp Speed ...

"Operation Warp Speed’s central goal is to develop, produce, and distribute 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine by January - and the military is intimately involved, according to Paul Mango, HHS’ deputy chief of staff for policy."

"China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession: Recovery from Covid-19 seems to be distant in the whole world except for China. 

"While China has a double digit growth, the West is in double digit recession."

"Amnesty International was created by British Intelligence for intelligence gathering, to carry out social engineering of targeted nations critical of the British Empire. 

"Amnesty International was involved in not only the cover-up of torture and regime change by British agents but also in sparking a war."

There is a belief that a very powerful CABAL is the brains behind the SCAMDEMIC.


Chamath Palihapitiya was Facebook’s vice president for user growth. 

Near-billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya spoke with unusual frankness to, in his words, the “leaders of the future” at Stanford Graduate School of Business in November 2017.

Palihapitiya: "there are about 150 people who run the world – the politicians are all f**king puppets.

"There are 150, and they’re all men, who run the world. They control most of the important assets and the money flows – they are not the tech entrepreneurs.

"When you get behind the curtain and see how that world works what you realise is that it’s unfairly set up for them and their progeny."

Palihapitiya doesn’t mention who the 150 are, apart from the Kochs – who get a mention for their malign but impressive (according to Palihapitiya) ability to insert their views into the minds of others.

150 people run the world and politicians are puppets 

Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book contains the names of people who could be described as being a mixture of the Feudal Elite, Robber Barons, Zionists, Nazis ...

Among the better known names:

Evelyn de Rothschild

David Rockefeller

Edward Koch

The Proud Boys Are Now Roger Stone’s Personal Army

Katelyn Polantz@kpolantz·14h

"To sum up: Proud Boys and Roger Stone are closely linked. Socially, and in efforts to spread pro-Trump political propaganda. It’s undeniable, well-documented, publicly observable."

Now he's gone shopping without wearing a mask. He doesn't think the rules apply to him. 

Israel passes law to limit protests during 'virus emergency'


Coronavirus: Ministers treating Parliament with 'contempt,' says Speaker Hoyle

The PM is spared a Commons revolt in a vote later - but is warned not to treat Parliament "with contempt".


UK witnessing a military-led coup


100 military officers take to streets of Birmingham to test families in Covid hotspots

US Occupation of Syria Now Official 

"It has long been assessed that the reason behind US simultaneous backing of ISIS and the Kurdish forces is for the purpose of using ISIS as an excuse and threat to be defeated, only to then carve out a US occupation zone and set up military bases under the pretext of forming an independent Kurdish state."

Netanyahu ordered a second lockdown in Israel.

"Many suspect that political self-preservation is one hidden motive for the draconian shutdown. 

"Netanyahu is going on trial for three counts of criminal corruption in January." 

According to the International Labour Organization -  

"1.6 billion informal economy workers have suffered massive damage to their capacity to earn a living. 

"This is due to lockdown measures and/or because they work in the hardest-hit sectors." 

According to the World Food Programme, a quarter of a billion additional people will be pushed to hunger and 300,000 could die every day. 

Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Stop the Machine and Defend Our Humanity


"A British Conservative MP has urged the government to draft in the armed forces for the rollout of a mass coronavirus vaccination program, which would include mandatory certificates that allow people to travel internationally.

"Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday night, Tobias Ellwood argued that the mass vaccination scheme is a challenge of the scale and complexity of “the D-day landings and Dunkirk.”

"The MP for Bournemouth East told the parliament that a vaccine could be six months away and urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to use the armed forces to oversee the process of delivering it to the UK population."

The UK military has crucified some of its own soldiers.



A care home nurse who claimed the pandemic is a hoax while protesting in her uniform against lockdown reveals she's been FIRED from her job but still insists she's seen 'no evidence' of a killer virus.

Care home nurse sacked for claiming pandemic is a hoax ...

"Covid-19 patients are currently occupying fewer than 2 per cent of all hospital beds in England, official data suggests.

"Deaths of people in their own homes from causes other than the virus continued to run at far above average rates. 

"There were 2,962 such fatalities during the week, 711 more than the average for the time of year."

Thousands of ventilators bought at the height of the Covid crisis are sitting in warehouses due to a lack of demand 

What causes Long Covid or Chronic Fatigue syndrome or ME?

"The trigger may have been an immunisation.

"Common viral triggers include glandular fever or Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). 

Other herpes viruses such as herpes simplex, VZV (causes chickenpox/shingles), HHV-6 and CMV, may sometimes trigger M.E., as can viral meningitis or labyrinthitis, commonly caused by enteroviruses, gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, B and C infection, and in Australia, Ross River virus.

Non-viral triggers include toxoplasma, brucella, salmonella, tuberculosis, Q fever, and Lyme disease. 

However, there is no clear evidence that M.E. is a form of persistent, chronic infection – it may be a consequence of infection.

The trigger may have been an immunisation, given perhaps when they were already unwell, or a physical trauma, such as a road accident, operation, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or whilst rare, it is suspected that a very few cases may be triggered by certain toxic 

What does M.E. feel like? | Action for ME

Keep your kids away from MPs?
"You won't serve us, so we won't serve you"

MPs barred from Manchester bar as the #cancelthecurfew campaign picks up steam.
Opposition to the Government's draconian measures is growing by the day. #KBF

The UN has just recently admitted that new cases of infantile paralysis or polio have resulted in Africa from an oral polio vaccine developed with strong support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

It mirrors what happened in the USA in the 1950s.

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa


Henry Makow@HenryMakow·12h

The Tesla CEO decried the nationwide lockdown as a “no-win situation” that has “diminished my faith in humanity.” 

Musk previously called widespread quarantines “unethical” and “de facto house arrest,” RT reports.

"Everybody dies," quipped Musk. -

Peter Hitchens@ClarkeMicah

MPs are starting to *complain* about the letters they are getting from an exasperated public. 


Please keep writing. 

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·18h

Mike Adams- Latest CDC data: coronavirus poses virtually no death risk whatsoever for people under the age of 50; and only 5% of the very aged die. 

Scam warning

‘Good afternoon I'm calling from the NHS track and trace service. According to our system, you are likely to have been in close proximity to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

'This means that you now need to self-isolate for 7 days and take a COVID-19 test.'

'I just need to take a payment card so that we can finalize this and send the kit to you.'

'There is a one-off fee of £50 for the kit and test results. Could you read off the long card number for me, please, when you're ready.'

'Can you give me the card number please - this is very important, and there are penalties for not complying.'



    1. Strange how every time there's something new given to us by the Power a number of new figureheads appear on YT in opposition, always keen for donations and Patreon support and with a shop selling shite, then disappear when the next crisis emerges to be replaced by a new set of fake "leaders". Look at how many of them clustered around Trafalgar Square. Like subscribe share and don't forget to support us! Over 250,000 donated to a multi millionaire worth 200 million for a "legal challenge" that he could have payed for himself from loose change serves as an example. There's a horde of these fakes, not one ever pointing out that ALL power stems from the "legal" right to create money from nothing granted to a tiny few and that this money is behind EVERY corruption, every major crime, every piece of filth, violence and grief-inducing hardship we humans have to bear. Not one of them points this out. Are they thick? Or are they complicit? I think we should be told.

    2. Puppet Traitor Johnson borrowing $trillions on the UK credit card which is channelled into the pockets of big pharma and the policing/military industrial complex fostering tyranny and an anti human agenda which leaves the imprisoned population enslaved with odious debt and usury never to be paid off to the crimnal banking mafia.

      World Economic Forum’s Techno-Totalitarian Roadmap – On June 13, 2019, Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and UN Secretary-General António Guterres signed a partnership between their two organisations. This was done without any direct media attention despite the tremendous implications this poses to humanity. By and large, this means that the power over our lives with a stroke of a pen has been transferred to the big global corporations and their owners. Global elite Technocrats cannot fathom how there could be any blowback against their techno-totalitarian dreams of Utopia. Those who do resist are viewed as an expendable nuisance and too ignorant to know what is good for themselves. The Corona crisis is the trigger for a global coup d’état of monumental dimensions. It is the beginning of a new era, with a new international economic order that risks completely destroying human freedoms. Tyrants have now taken over to forcibly steer us into a “climate smart” and “healthy” world through the World Economic Forum’s new techno-totalitarian roadmap – “The Great Reset”. On June 13, 2019, Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and UN Secretary-General António Guterres signed a partnership between their two organisations. This was done without any direct media attention despite the tremendous implications this poses to humanity. By and large, this means that the power over our lives with a stroke of a pen has been transferred to the big global corporations and their owners. The agreement includes six focus areas: Funding for the UN Agenda 2030 – Climate change – Health – Digital collaboration – Gender equality and women’s liberation. Education and skills development. The aim of the partnership is to accelerate the UN Sustainability Agenda and the 17 global targets. “Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals is essential for the future of humanity. The World Economic Forum is committed to supporting this effort, and working with the United Nations to build a more prosperous and equitable future.” The agreement also states that the WEF’s fourth industrial revolution is an important component in implementing the agenda. Digitisation is seen as the key.

    3. "ALL power stems from the "legal" right to create money from nothing granted to a tiny few" - NOT TRUE - in the UK - you can use the Bills of Exchange Act to create money out of nothing. You create money out of nothing when sign on the the dole - don't sign don't get paid - although they seem to have moved to a digital signature for UC. Here' a template:

      Re: Council Tax Account: xxxxxxxxx


      Dear Sir/Madam,

      This is a LEGAL NOTICE and not a letter.

      Please find the enclosed Promissory Note, as payment for the outstanding amount. This payment being an
      acceptable specie of payment under the The Bills of Exchange Act (1882).

      However, should you not accept this form of payment, then please return the Promissory Note, along with a
      full written explanation of why your organization is exempt from the legislation as outlined above, or why
      the Commercial Instrument is unacceptable.

      Please note-If you do not return the Promissory Note, then we are in agreement that the bill has been paid in full.
      If you do return the Promissory Note, but without a legitimate written explanation, as to why your
      organization is exempt from the legislation outlined above or why the Commercial Instrument is
      unacceptable; then we are in agreement that you have turned down my legal payment and therefore my
      account balance is now zero. If you reject this payment and continue any court / tribunal action against
      me you agree to pay one hundred thousand pounds in damages (£100,000) for any claim I make against
      you for harm and injury by way of fraud.

      Please confirm my council tax account balance is now zero.

      If you do not understand this, please take legal advice.

      I trust that this is to your satisfaction and that no further claims will be made against .


      Without Dishonour, Ill Will or Frivolity. All Rights Reserved. Non Assumpsit.
      Errors and Omissions Excepted

      Note: Promissory Note examples:

  2. Of course it isnt

  3. Victims of ex-BBC presenter ‘had no idea he had sexually assaulted them’












  15. UK witnessing a military-led coup in the making and for those who say that is an exaggeration do nothing, sit, wait and watch it happen. Then say: ‘Why didn’t someone do something while we still could?’ You mean like – YOU?



  18. Too much is too much


  20. These racists Bill Gates whores at the Guardian Online are calling people who are non Europeans - 'colored' - are these people blind - take a look at any Englishman - his face is red as a cock top.
    How can red cock tops call other people 'coloured'?

  21. The Secret History Of How British Intelligence Created Amnesty International:

  22. "Red Cock Tops"? I don't readily identify with a 'catch all' phrase suggesting all Englishmen have reddish complexions anymore than I think what people commonly refer to as black people are black.

    Most 'so called' black people are in fact a shade of brown. A few East and Central Africans and Aborigine are nearer to black.

    The Guardian like all the MSM are indeed whores. They no more represent white Europeans than black Europeans. They only represent their own interests and seek to divide where possible.

    Referring to people as red cock tops only shows that you are easily divided. The bigger picture my friend. The bigger picture.


  24. Huge thing!






  30. New York City imposes $1,000 fine for people who refuse to wear masks in public as ‘cases rise’ from a test not testing for the ‘virus’

  31. PCR ‘Covid [fake] test’ inventor Kary Mullis: ‘With PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody.’ This is the ‘test’ that is being used to produce the ‘cases’ to justify fascistic lockdown by finding anything in anybody – and they know it



  34. "Warp-Speed" and "Moonshot"!! Really? Sounds like sci-fi...........

  35. Anyone ever seen the 2011 "movie" "Contagion"?

    Well, guess what? This whole "coronavirus" shit-show is nothing more than that VERY MOVIE SCRIPT, being acted out by the the (((USUAL VERMIN))) that run your phony "governments" and your phony "newsmedia"... Which are, of course, the VERY SAME VERMIN THAT RUN HOLLYWOOD, and originally conjured up that movie script.
    I mean, it is the EXACT same scenario, to a tee. NO EXAGGERATION.

    Don't believe me? WATCH THIS:

    Good God, modern-day humans are absolute idiots. I cannot believe ANYONE is stupid enough to buy this garbage. The morons sure do love their slave masks... And, NEVER, in the history of Earth, have dumber, more worthless two-legged creatures existed.

    1. Are you a modern day human ? Maybe take those glasses off and it will all become clear.peace.




  39. Hey!







  46. Northertruthseeker blogger from Canada has been censored/banned. Dark days..... I know he reads this site, hopefully he's okay.

    1. b@star*s

  47. Under United Nations' Agenda 21/30, power will devolve to the regions and not be held by national government. These mayors are testing their powers now and raising their profile in the media to demonstrate their new status.

  48. Northern Truth Seeker has resumed blogging at his wordpress back up site.There's already a bunch of stuff posted there. Definitely worth a visit.


  50. Experiment camp UK --- Official report says perfectly safe
    1. We have investigated the possible effects on health of the dispersion of Zinc Cadmium Sulphide particles as a simulator of biological warfare agents. These dispersion tests took place between 1953 and 1964. We estimate that, during this period, some 250 kg of this material was dispersed from the land based sites listed in Table 4, (mainly RAF Beaulieu airfield and Porton Down); and up to a further 4600 kg from ships and aircraft mainly over BDE Cardington, Bedfordshire and over the English Channel and the North Sea.
    7. The cadmium released into the atmosphere from the 44 long range trials for which data are available and extrapolated to a total of 76 trials (to allow for trials with incomplete information and where the data may be missing altogether) is about 1.2% of the total release of cadmium into the atmosphere from UK industry over the same period.
    Yet ....
    Mutation Research, 86 (1981) 115--135 Elsevier/North-Holland Biomedical Press CARCINOGENIC, TERATOGENIC AND MUTAGENIC EFFECTS OF CADMIUM N. DEGRAEVE Laboratoire de Gdndtique, Universitd de Liege, rue Forgeur 15, B-4000 Liege
    Cadmium in the environment For a long time, cadmium has been known as a toxic agent, and the symp- toms observed after industrial intoxication have been described by Prodan (1932). In the past few years, a number of articles and reviews have dealt with the occurrence of cadmium in the environment and its biological effects (Nils- son, 1970; Flick et al., 1971; Page and Bingham, 1973; Fishbein, 1974, 1976; Friberg et al., 1974; Fassett, 1975; Neathery and Miller, 1976; Di Ferrante, 1979; KjeUstrSm, 1979; Webb, 1979). The reasons for this interest can be found in the increased utilization of cadmium in some industries and in the discovery of particular syndromes in populations in contact with this element (e.g. Itai-Itai disease)


  51. Why I Believe Politicians and Advisors Will Go to Prison


    Under English law, misconduct (or misfeasance) in public office is an offence at common law which dates back to the 13th century.

    The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. It is confined to those who are public office holders, and is committed when the office holder acts (or neglects to act) in a way that constitutes a breach of the duties of that office.

    The Crown Prosecution Service guidelines on this offence say that the elements of the offence are when:

    1. A public officer acting as such.
    2. Wilfully neglects to perform ones duty and/or wilfully misconducts oneself.
    3. To such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public's trust in the office holder.
    Without reasonable excuse or justification.

    The similarly named malfeasance (or misfeasance) in public office is a tort. In the House of Lords judgement on the BCCI malfeasance case it was held that this had 3 essential elements:

    1. The defendant must be a public officer
    2. The defendant must have been exercising his power as a public officer
    3. The defendant is either exercising targeted malice or exceeding his powers

    "Misconduct in public office" is often but inaccurately rendered as "misconduct in a public office", which has a different meaning.

  52. World Economic Forum = Enemy forces !

    Building collaborations

    Join us in supporting a global community of change-makers. Support for our events, campaigns and grant challenges is provided by corporate and foundation partners.

    The power of youth in action

    The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change.

    Driving Responsible Leadership

    At the 2020 Annual Meeting, a new multi-year partnership between Accenture, The Forum of Young Global Leaders, and the Global Shapers Community was launched to help organizations and individuals cultivate environments in which responsible leadership can flourish.

    GREEN SABBATH: Sunday Lockdowns for "Gaia" & Jubilee for the Earth

    Charlie boy "the man who would be the green king".

    WEF chums targetting 157 groups of young people to forward their goals.

    COVID-19 Response

    The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide. All stakeholders, especially young people, must urgently come together to minimize its impact on public health and limit its potential for further socioeconomic disruptions. Global Shapers are taking action by informing themselves and helping others.
    157 projects -- tip of the iceberg.

    All long since preplanned awaiting the CONVID opportunity.

    431 local teams

    Hubs are diverse teams of young people united by common values – inclusion, collaboration and shared decision-making. Together, they create projects and change for their communities.

  53. Ex-BBC presenter and pastor jailed for 10 years for prolific sexual abuse

  54. I am starting to think that Trump is going to succumb to the lie-rus. Is Trump the last President?

    What if Trump is (designed to die) to the virus? Just a gut feeling that it is part of the script.

    Absolutely nothing to base it on.



  55. 25,000 Catholics including cardinals, bishops, doctors, lawyers say the State of Emergency for COVID is a fraud

    would you share the link of the letter for above statement?

  56. Pushing the agenda



  59. Lol




  63. And here we go again with another spooky Jew









  72. This online flip-book 'Global Report 2019-nCoV: Summary of Facts' comes highly recommended for dispelling Covid-1984 myths. It is based on factual evidence collected from all over the world condensed into 74 pages and has been compiled in association with the ACU Extra Parliamentary Committee led by Dr Heiko Schoening


  74. 'Trump condition worsening'

    In his 70s and obese, Trump is in the category for enhanced chance of death from the flu or its recent counterpart, covid

    This may be a political assassination unfolding

    Two birds with one stone ... at one stroke having the ultimate 'covid death example' of the head of government of the world's biggest power, ultra-bolstering the covid narrative

    And getting rid of the symbol of anti-globalism and the attempt to preserve white middle-class culture, the man who told the world the news was fake

    If Trump dies - or is presented as having died - tens of millions will believe it was something other than covid

    The famous meme - Trump riding in the limousine in front of JFK in Dallas Texas in 1963

    1. And you believe in this theatrical bs? Bolsonaro did the same thing in Brazil to get sympathy and test his popularity. If you really believe that Trump is your savior then you really need help.


  75. here in italy we had a visit from Mike Pompeo a few hours after our prime minister extended the state of emergency.
    we do not rebel we are Italians we had a fascist government for 20 years in the past, but it is still there since we became an American colony, we also knew the strategy of terror on our skin, we were a kind of laboratory, fascism is preparing to be for all peoples.
    covid is a strategy of tension who will save us?
    Trump is the deep state

  76. UK Healthtech Advisory Board is manned among others with Daniel Korski and Nicole Junkermann
    Beginning of Covid, head of of Swiss Federal Office of Health was Daniel Koch, now replaced by Anne Levy
    Possibly, these individuals could easily replace each other in the other country....



    This is a list of monarchs who were Freemasons, and lists individual monarchs chronologically under the countries they ruled, monarchs who ruled more than one country are listed under the one they are most known for, or the dominant nation in a personal union (i.e. Christian X listed under Denmark and not Iceland). Those, listed below were members of a Freemason Lodge at sometime during their lives. Some, like Alexander I of Russia, would later outlaw Freemasonry in their territories, while others would continue supporting the organization for the rest of their lives.

  79. You always point your fingers at us Children Of Abraham! Let me tell you something... This shit was thrown by The Rockefeller Family, by Bill Gates, by DARPA and the US military complex...
    Us 'chosen ones' (and we pretty much choose ourselves!), have our own vaccination! MigVax, developed by the Galilee Research Institute in Israel. A safe, protein based, oral based vaccine with three pronged immunity.
    Bill Gates can play eugenics with the rest of humanity... But not with us!
    We've been taking down punks like Gates for the past 3000 years, and will do so for another 3000 years! Isn't that right Lord Jacob? :)

    1. Children of Abraham, lol, such a joke and u fell for it!

    2. I was using it in a humourous manner... But... ... Meh!

  80. Denied medical treatment and intentionally exposed to pathogens UK care home residents would have been better off as Prisoners of War.

    Article 30

    Prisoners of war suffering from serious disease, or whose condition necessitates special treatment, a surgical operation or hospital care, must be admitted to any military or civilian medical unit where such treatment can be given, even if their repatriation is contemplated in the near future. Special facilities shall be afforded for the care to be given to the disabled, in particular to the blind, and for their rehabilitation, pending repatriation.

    Prisoners of war shall have the attention, preferably, of medical personnel of the Power on which they depend and, if possible, of their nationality.

    Prisoners of war may not be prevented from presenting themselves to the medical authorities for examination. The detaining authorities shall, upon request, issue to every prisoner who has undergone treatment, an official certificate indicating the nature of his illness or injury, and the duration and kind of treatment received. A duplicate of this certificate shall be forwarded to the Central Prisoners of War Agency.,their%20repatriation%20is%20contemplated%20in%20the%20near%20future.

    Amnesty International call for independent public enquiry re murder on the NHS. This is wrongheaded a criminal inquiry is a necessity.

    EXCLUSIVE: UK Government's pandemic policies 'violated the fundamental human rights of vulnerable older people in care', Amnesty report claims
    Measures exposed elderly residents to Covid then blocked them from care
    Ministers 'know from the outset' that the virus posed 'exceptional danger' to 400,000 residents of UK care homes, many of whom are vulnerable
    Care home residents were subjected to 'inhuman and degrading' treatment
    Report says UK Government is 'directly responsible' for the care home tragedy


  82. Take a look!

  83. For more info on Trumpenstein's bogus illness, go to Jim Stone's site again!






  89. Business History from America's Past


  91. Almost all politicians are frauds – but Biden is something else. He speaks to an EMPTY parking lot with equipment crew clapping for sound effects

  92. American University handed $1.1 million by Bill Gates Foundation and others for ‘anti-racist’ learning – if Gates gives it’s always for the Cult’s benefit and the rest is a cover story



  95. Vodafone & Imperial College London DreamLab App to fight Covid19 – Whilst you sleep



  98. USA civil war watch ... situation is worse than we might guess

    61% of USA people feel their 2nd civil war is near, and they are stockpiling supplies, firearms, ammunition, with even 'anti-gun' people buying weapons

    Over 40% of USA party voters feel political violence will be justified if the 'other side' wins this US election

    USA seems like 1934 Spain, when two sides became polarised, and nearly evenly divided; election results were widely disbelieved; and a large wave of mob street violence and killings began ... eventually leading to the Franco coup of 1936 and the 1936-39 civil war


    "A majority of Americans are bracing for the possibility of a politically-fired civil war, and more than half are already stockpiling food and other essential items to survive and fight back, according to a new survey shared with Secrets.

    In the survey, 61% said that the United States is nearing a second civil war, including a shocking 41% who “strongly agree” with that assessment.

    And 52% are so convinced that it is just around the corner, or after Election Day, that they are putting away food and other essentials, an historic expansion of the prepper movement that has been brewing for years, now driven by fear and coronavirus-induced shortages."

    "In September, 44 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats said there would be at least “a little” justification for violence if the other party’s nominee wins the election. Those figures are both up from June, when 35 percent of Republicans and 37 percent of Democrats expressed the same sentiment."

    On the Spanish mob violence and civil war 1934-39 parallels to the USA today -

    1934 leftist violence in Spanish streets begins to rage, encouraged by leftist establishment, as in USA

    As in the USA, leftists have slight majority, but election results are doubted everywhere the other side seems to win

    Tension increases for two years, till Franco starts the rightest coup

    The right tends to unite, whilst leftists turn on one another, so Franco wins

  99. Mandatory vaccination for the Welsh

  100. This is mind-boggling!



  103. These Greek women are awesome:

  104. Sorry, I meant Greek woman

  105. Spread the word!








  113. Funny and interesting:

  114. The top 20 tested countries in the world have in total used about 558,703,714 lab tests, costing roughly £56billion, big pharma and it's "subs" are raking it in and the taxpayers are picking up the bill. Information accurate as of the 5th of October 2020.

  115. Hey AANGIRFAN...I am ok... I am over at wordpress under

    Glad you are still at it! Keep in touch!

  116. In reference to the above video "leaked emails"
    Super yachts berthing in Auckland get their own private area....away from normal yachts....In effect the people on board these multimillion dollar yachts are not subject to the same restrictions as everyone else.
    The Americas Cup yachting regatta is due to be staged in Auckland.The owners of the yachts are left REAL quarantine. These yachts are owned by the non tax paying elites from the west...usually billionaires.
    This tells you that this Covid BS is all about politics for the manipulation of the public....not a disease.
    The amount of tax evasion by these elites is monumental....Trump the billionaire only paid 750 dollars in two years in succession for example.But this information only came to light because of feuding between elites.
    Assange who broke the story of the Queens secret bank accounts in the Caribbean is now languishing in Britains notorious gulag Belmarsh.....which like its counterparts in Moscow has the almost compulsory "secret tunnels" leading to a courtroom!!.