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Greg Burton 23 August 2020 at 22:03

Five Amazing Ways to Communicate with Loved Ones in the Spirit World - Gordon Smith

1. True for me: 'feeling' my mother, filled with warmth, moments before the phone rang when my brother told me she was gone.

2. Going through a perilous, sick time in my life, full of fear, sitting in my car, wondering what to do next ... then smelling my father: the distinct mixture of after-shave and bourbon ... I knew he was there, that he was telling me I was in trouble, and I had better get my butt in gear and figure it out.

3. Asking that my decease nephew reach out and let me know he was all right ... that night his portrait, in a glass case, fell off the book shelf.

4. Waking up in the middle of the night with someone 'holding my hand'.

5. Having my head 'petted' at night. This has happened more than once.

6. Then, the dreams after 9/11. That we were all in trouble, global tyranny, Satanic pedophiles ... that I must do all I could to tell others about the dangers we all face with the monsters attempting to enslave us all.

Anonymous 26 August 2020 at 01:11

Cheers mate.

I had physical contact with the spirit of a departed lady and her pet dog about 20 years ago. I was sitting in the chair she died in two years earlier, and felt their pressure on my shoulder and leg. The room filled with the smell of stale tobacco and I heard a voice tell me me four pieces of information. 

The person whose house it was, and whose mother had died, did not experience these effects, and had not told me of the death. 

When I recounted the words spoken to me about Congleton in Cheshire UK, an engagement ring and two people's names, he turned white and ran out of the room and upstairs. He quickly returned with his mother's will. He was the executor and had not given monies and jewels to the beneficiaries.

I have had such experiences since I was young. I have been working for most of this year on the death of a friend's mother. The lady's spirit came to me and told me the story of her death wasn't true, and her partner had been responsible

I have since obtained evidence from doctors and hospital notes, insurance companies and a transcript of him explaining his actions, which suggests possible foul play.

This evidence has been reviewed by a recently-retired police inspector and he thinks there is enough evidence to present to the authorities. So I've created a rerport to be given to the police, which will be passed over in the next few days.

I'll keep you updated and maybe I can write a fuller account as events progress?

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