Saturday, 15 August 2020

Defiance! 6,000 Attend 'Illegal' California Church Service





  3. I noticed People prefer Trump and small government

    But they look past how in his 4 years he has expanded government

    Both parties love big government

    Some Americans don't

    But still both parties keep getting voted in and the only constant thing that continues is our government grows and our freedoms diminish and Israel keeps getting what it wants

  4. Lol, the virus is active on these days only!

  5. On Western European streets it is clear that covid-rule fatigue is setting in, the rules more and more ignored despite the threat of heavy fines

    But another side is that, given how the more average and gentle people are going out less, and certainly much less in groups, the streets are belonging more and more to the aggressive and the gangs

    Who are further encouraged by the tilt in recent years of courts and police, who are viewing ethnic minorities as 'oppressed' and thus are not making arrests, filing charges or giving severe sentences when minority crime is involved

    We are sinking toward that 'anarcho-tyranny', where wild and lawless elements get to maul their victims, and the law only comes down heavy on those who complain about this

    The general goal being to destroy what used to be the middle class of normal people, the classic petri dish for independent thinking

  6. We are living in interesting times!