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Kamal Ahmed and his girlfriend Polly Glynn. Ahmed married the journalist and novelist Elizabeth Day in December 2011.[17] The couple separated in February 2015, when his two kids were small, and they are now divorced.[18]

Kamal Ahmed is Editorial Director of BBC News.

As a kid Kamal Ahmed "was scrappy and shouty: 'Kamal the Clown with a foghorn voice who was going to make some bloody noise.'

"He got into fights, pretended his father flew Concorde, farted in a teacher’s face and used racial slurs to the Asian kids." 

We were told that Samy Amimour (above), was one of the November 2015 Paris Attack shooters at the Bataclan theatre. Samy trained at the police shooting club in Paris.

"Kamal Ahmed was at the Paris stag-night dinner of James Purnell, the BBC’s director of radio on November 13, 2015, the night of the terror attacks across the city."

Kamal Ahmed's book about his childhood 

Kamal and his mother

Kamal Ahmed is the son of an English mother from Rotherham and a Sudanese father who was a research scientist in ophthalmology.[4]

Kamal Ahmed grew up in Ealing in London.

He became executive news editor at the Guardian and political editor at The Observer newspaper.[3]

'Ahmed has been criticised by fellow journalist Nick Davies for maintaining an inappropriately close relationship with Downing Street while serving as political editor, and for publishing numerous articles that "contained significant falsehood or distortion"'.[8]

The BBC failed to tell the public that Saddam worked for the CIA. Dr David Kelly got 'murdered' after suggesting that the Iraq dossier had been sexed up.

"The lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were widely spread by sources from the intelligence services with the help of uncritical journalists (Keeble 2007:206).

"One of them was Kamal Ahmed from the Observer.

mainstream journalists ...

"Kamal Ahmed established good links with Blair’s spin-doctor and secretary Alastair Campbell.

"This closeness to the official sources was a main reason for Kamal’s incorrect articles on Iraq.

"When he wrote his story about Iraq dossier, he spread propaganda."

mainstream journalists ...

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At 26 July 2020 at 09:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 July 2020 at 09:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 26 July 2020 at 09:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The surname "Day" is often Jewish.

At 26 July 2020 at 10:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

on friday night a person died in my mates block of flats. 4 ambulances and a police car were there. they said it was a suspected covid death. the place got fumigated. signs were then posted all over the building about coronavirus.

turns out she didn't die of coronavirus.


and was out all town yesterday; sainsburys, cemetery, town centre, bar -- and it seemed like just 1 out of every 200 wore a gimp mask.

At 26 July 2020 at 10:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir Robin Day....former top BBC pundit...was most definitely a crypto jew.Part of the crypto Jewish elite which governs this propaganda unit.
Tomlinson the MI6/SIS agent was originally from New his book he describes how MI6 told his landlady (in Southern Europe) that he was a pedophile..
He was being hounded by them....but they now seem to leave him alone??.
He expired circa 2000.

Rest assured IF Tomlinson was a real pedophile....they wouldn't have smeared him with this!.(see Saville)
At one point they jailed Tomlinson in Assanges current residence as a means of exerting pressure.They followed that up by placing a mad lunatic in his prison cell....but Tomlinson circumvented this because it is now illegal to forcibly house prisoners with they had to remove him from Tomlinsons cell.
Let's face it....Britain is nothing like a democracy and it now has it's own Lubyanka prison COMPLETE WITH SECRET PASSAGES/TUNNELS leading to a courtroom.

And journalists in Britain aren't going to break a sweat and their reputation by going into bat for dissidents....even the law abiding ones!.

At 26 July 2020 at 13:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said... the approximate equivalent of Britains breakfast news programmes.
It is dominated by Jews,just like Britain (Schofield actually once worked in TV in NZ!)
TVNZ is 1000% politically correct...with John Campbell,who is Jewish,leading the charge.
They have decided to change NZs name to AOTEAROA.....without consulting the public.This is sort of a replay of all the name changes of cities which took place after the Jewish takeover of Russia in 1917.(St Petersburg has now of course reverted to it's original name)

At 27 July 2020 at 21:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

An example of GROSSLY MISLEADING "NEWS" that bastion of democracy The Daily Mail.
Word has got around thanks entirely to the internet....not publications like the Daily Mail.....
That Britons are one of the most heavily surveilled people in the could say the home of the novel 1984....
So how do you couch this unpalatable fact in an acceptible way.
Heres how....
You write an article that announces that London has "the third most number of CCTV cameras in the world"
The Top Two are in.......CHINA!!....

The article SHOULD have said that London has the highest numbers of CCTV in any democracy anywhere in the world.
Comparisons to China are totally irrelevant aren't they?....after all China is a police state??.....

After that of course you COULD state that London has such a high crime rate because of previous govts immigration is bursting at the seams,intact there are more immigrant origin people than native Londoners!.

You could state that the people who plan for Britains future are just downright incompetent....
So fixing the basic causes of problems like overcrowding are ignored and CCTV is installed to "fix" the symptoms.

Well ACTUALLY Britain IS a police state and has had an active secret police since the time of Shakespeare....naturally it is now a thousand times more "efficient".
The tax burden is placed on the middle classes because the top 10 percent in Britain have the ability to evade taxes....ANOTHER reason the elites in Britain were rather keen to leave the EU...not for any patriotic reasons.
The Daily Mail is an elite propaganda rag paying lip service to democracy...hence all the nonsensical garbage about the travails of that dysfunctional family the Windsors.(working on the premise that any publicity is good publicity)

At 28 July 2020 at 22:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Day is probably the equivalent to Dias, Diaz in Spanish that is a Sephardi surname.


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